Hello everyone, welcome to the wonderful content that Mrs. Si brought to you today. What’s hottest in the summer of 2019? That must be “Chen Qingling”. How hot is “Chen Qingling”? After the play ends The creators can also hold a concert and it is hard to get a ticket Not to mention those hot-selling surroundings. Fans who even went to check in the scene in the show A wild road came out of a barren mountain. Generally speaking, TV shows are either male or female. But the show has won the starring roles of the show Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo first debuted as a member of UNIQ And served as the host of “Daily Up”. I have been making appearances in acting and major variety shows for so many years Until this drama finally burst into flames! Xiao Zhan was also squeezed into the traffic niche. It can be said that before the second line, the current number of fans is close to 30 million. In 2019, he was at the top of the list for actor network influence. In the 2020 Spring Festival Gala he and Xie Na co-starred in a sketch. Let’s count the points of Xiao Zhan now. Unlike most stars is Xiao Zhan It’s not an actor of science background. He has primary school like most of us Complete study experience to university Have experience working as a designer in society Will be arranged by the parents (Why does Mother Xiao feel Will Xiao Zhan find a girlfriend? ? ) Xiao Zhan can be said to be under the Socialist Red Grow up is a good young man of Miao Hong. Before entering the entertainment industry, Xiao Zhan was already very dazzling. Playing violin and painting handsomely from elementary school Good body, photography, painting, cooking, singing I already have my own fan club in college Opened a studio with friends during my sophomore year Well-designed cafes are The actor’s script for love on campus! 1. Yan Yangao had to be sighed about the Sichuan and Chongqing area What a treasure area! Xiao Zhan is a standard handsome guy with three eyes and five eyebrows. Lips, red teeth, white and moist like jade. His eyes are the most attractive place as pure as a small animal Can bring people in unconsciously No wonder some time ago, fans joked Xiao Zhan applied for a patent for “Inner Entertainment Yan Ding”. His face is perfect for a costume look. At first he appeared in a costume online drama “Oh! Your Emperor! “This drama does not Great fire but Xiao Zhan succeeded with his own Beitang ink dye sucked a large wave of powder. His modern clothes are also very capable Sure enough, the handsome guy is wild. Coupled with the professional blessings of Xiao Zhanping, who is also a professional designer, is also very good. Shengtu is not handsome at all. Who can not love such a face? It is said that people reviewing videos on a platform because Review videos of Chao Duo Shao every day So when I saw Xiao Zhan, I was trembling. 2. Hard work Xiao Zhan is a very hard-working person. If you have seen photos from Xiao Zhan before, you will know Before Xiao Zhan was actually a bit fleshy Plus the stretch of the lens Makes him not as exquisite and handsome as he is now on the lens. In order to look better on the camera, Xiao Zhan started to lose weight So we have the handsome face we praise every day Have been on the hot search “Xiao Zhan’s waist”. Long Dani said that he should pay more attention to the expression management, so he went to practice. That ’s why Wei Wuxian, who is obsessed with watching Chen Qingling That bright smile that seems to melt everything The creative director of Burning Boys once commented on him like this: Although he looks polite, he is a warm man, soft and flexible Personality stubbornly recognizes one thing and won’t give up easily I will do my best. He is not an actor of science background However, if “Chen Qingling” did not have his acting blessing How could there be so much influence? Even the original author of “Chen Qingling” also tweeted There is nothing wrong with Xiao Zhan’s acting skills. It ’s actually a bit naive to watch the first part of his acting. However, Wei Wuxian’s performance in Chen Qingling is indeed remarkable. Many book fan drama fans are very satisfied. 3. Some filial piety mentioned in the interview I made my mother very sad Can not help but red eyes. It’s a somewhat emotional boy. I have also been photographed buying shoes with my mother. It can be seen from some performances in variety shows He got along with his family very naturally and lovingly. Will frankly express their love directly to parents. As soon as my mother met, she hugged and said, “Xiao Zhan, I miss you so much!” I saw my dad looking handsome in the barrage He will pass it directly to his father to make his father happy. 4. Gentleness He has many small details that reflect his education Really a very warm and polite boy. When he was in the variety show, he would listen carefully and then applaud. Will help stop the elevator. Xiao Zhan is a motivated person He wants to be better. But he did not become ugly because of this Because he is gentle he has his grace. Andy Warhol says “Everyone in the future There will be 15 minutes of fame. ” But the glory of 15 minutes passed How many people will choose to stay with you is the most important thing. The entertainment industry is changing rapidly. Most people like the new and the old. Every year, many people squeeze their heads and want to get into the circle. With good looks, people can really notice you first. But if you do n’t have acting skills as an actor It is difficult to win the favor of the audience for a long time. I have to say that the audience’s eyes are getting more and more critical. They will be more willing to pay for those good works Perfunctory works are also increasingly difficult to obtain benefits. The small fresh meats are gradually divided into two categories. They were all booming for their outstanding looks Some people choose to go for a lot of activities and variety shows But Guanghua is fading, and he likes fewer and fewer fans He was finally forgotten by the entertainment industry. But some people choose to precipitate their own ability to improve themselves At the time of the return, many people were impressed with high-quality works. For example, Li Yifeng gained countless fans after his popularity in “Ancient Sword Fate”. Having tasted the bonus, he also made a lot of less outstanding works. Later I realized that I should improve He decided to step back and grind his work for almost a year He returned with a sincere “Animal World”. Return is positive. His acting skills in the play are already better than It matured a lot in the beginning. The goodwill of many passersby has also made The fans who stayed are very proud. A terrible year in 2015 but The emergence of a high-quality TV series It attracted everyone’s attention for a while, and that was Lang Lang. Hu Ge’s interpretation of Mei Changsu is very remarkable in this play. Just as Mei Changsu was a man who returned from hell Hu Ge is also a person who has experienced life and death. Because of this, Hu Ge was blown up by many marketing horns. At the pinnacle of public opinion, he chose to study abroad. Everyone will be grateful for this courage. Yi Xi Qianxi is a member of TFBOYS. At first, it attracted a lot of fans with dancing. But in terms of acting, Yi Qian Qianxi was not very optimistic at the beginning. But the appearance of “Chang’an Twelve Hours” Let everyone gradually notice this child with good ability. The appearance of “You for You” made him even more Nominated for Best Actor in a Golden Award. There are too many people that are gradually forgotten because there are no works out there. The idols appeared with a very dazzling light The light passed away and they fell silent. But there are also a small number of them from the beginning All I want is a fine work They step by step, every step is on the ground Maybe many of these people are still in the dark But it will happen sooner or later. As mentioned earlier, the face value is very useful But his usefulness is also very limited. The face value is like the 0 behind the number But you have to have other numbers in front of you Your number is valid Otherwise there is no good looking skin Let you get more attention than others But after a short attention span How much talent you can retain is a decision An important point for a long time to go. Xiao Zhan is a very handsome boy But Aunt too believes that this is just one of his most inconspicuous advantages. He is a very motivated person Want to do I will definitely try my best. Even if not an actor He can also do well on his own. He is calm and able to examine himself rationally I think he knew very well what he should do. In short “juvenile” can be expected. Extract from previous designer life It took too little time to become a national idol Xiao Zhan In addition to commendable talent He also needs to take the initiative to adapt to the ecology of the entertainment industry. These days after becoming famous Xiao Zhan is actively changing himself to join this circle It is inevitable that someone will accuse him of a fake leave. I think it ’s not because of smiles It was because I was too tired to show my smile. Before you see Xiao Zhan ’s smile You wo n’t know how long he has been laughing The artist’s hard work, I think, he has already learned about it now. With the release of variety shows and new works Xiao Zhan gradually became a kid who exploded overnight Big man with roots in the circle Sometimes i was thinking Whether certain agents belong to some people Therefore, there are such fast-growing characters as Xiao Zhan. Alright, that ’s it for today ’s video If you like Sister Auntie ’s videos, please subscribe and follow Auntie Fourth will update the wonderful entertainment information every day