🧢Pintar motor con spray, aerosol montana MUY FACIL

How about friends, I’m very happy, a lot of
that you are there, welcome to a new video channel, That’s what Dad fixes, in
this time the video that I bring you is paint this engine, with these two cans of
spray that our friends have sent us from Bricotiuendas.com
we begin, inside video. Well, friends, before starting
I explain a little bit the characteristics product techniques that today
we bring, the first boat, it’s a boat antioxidant primer, covers enough
Well, it dries very fast and is from the Montana brand. The second boat is painting, I have
chosen in red to go to game with the tool panel, it’s about
the Hardcore series of the Montana brand. Its main characteristic is the
diffuser …… is a high pressure diffuser It covers a lot, it defines the line quite
and it can be applied quite well in the outside …. we are going to try it, we begin. The first thing I’m going to do with the
help of a fixed wrench, is to disassemble the engine to stay with the part that
we want to paint. With the help of a hammer we give
small knocks on the front casing and I get this one, with the motor rotor,
then I do the same with the back cover and we would have ready the
part that we are going to paint. The next step is to cover the cable
connection with the help of body tape, then with paper we cover the two
coils Once everything is covered so that it does not
paint, with these two sheets of sandpaper let’s sand the part we want
paint, I will give you first with a sandpaper of 80 thicker and then after
we will pass a list of 180 finest …. and while I finish sanding, I invite you to
with subscribe to the channel, connect the bell, comment the videos and if you
Like you give me a good like. Once I have it completely
sanding, the next step is to use the antioxidant Montana primer
and for this it is essential that we use mask.
Then we shake for about minutes the spray and once you have
we have ready We can start to apply it. I gave him a couple of hands … and between
hand and hand I let dry 10 minutes As you can see in the image, there is one
uniform paint layer, besides being very easy to apply this
Dry primer very fast. Well friends and once we have
applied and dry the primer on next step is to apply the paint,
let’s see how it is. As with the primer, we shake the
spray for 10 minutes and we have it ready to start applying it. Little by little I’m applying the two
hands and as you can see in the image it remains a fantastic color Well friends, we have already finished the
second part of the painting, as you have viewed
we have applied the red paint Hardcore brand Montada ….. comment
about the spray, that the feeling that I’ve had been quite positive, since
is a spray that spreads very fluid the paint and at a constant pressure not
Leaves drops and also dries relatively fast, otherwise the only thing that we
it is already is to mount the engine ….. let’s start We remove the paper that we have put
previously to cover the coils and the tape that we have put to cover the
cable now we put the back cover with
hammer help and then we fit the rotor and the housing
front, before fitting this housing definitely, we put the three
screws to face one with the other….
finally we finish tightening them and ready. And as you can see in this image the engine has
It was spectacular. Well friends and we have
our engine fully painted thanks to the primer and the paint
Hardcore of the brand Montana that has sent us in our friends Bricotiendas.com, I recommend that you go through their website as they are
specialists in both painting and decoration and diy ….. without more
dismissal and as always every Friday a video more and better and see you in the
next because you’re done handyman first, bye.