10 Amazing Dogs That Saved Lives!!

From saving it’s owners from a burning house
to warning an old lady of an impending tsunami…stay tuned to number 1 to find out about the most
amazing dogs that have saved lives! Number 10: Jess vs. Asthma. Something that gets lost sometimes when having
a pet is that an animal can have such a connection with its owner that it understands things
that you likely wouldn’t expect it to. Such as…fetching you something in a moment
of crisis. This is exactly what happened with a Jack
Russell Terrier named Jess. She had been with her owner Rebecca Brookes
for some time, and realized things about her owner. One day, Rebecca had a massive asthma attack. One that left her unable to move in order
to get her inhaler to stop the attack. Realizing what was going on, Jess the dog
rushed out of the room, found the inhaler, and brought it back to Rebecca in time to
calm down the attack. After Rebecca had recovered, she couldn’t
help but be curious as to what just happened. Was it luck that Jess had brought her the
right object? Or was it something else. So, she did a test. She put the inhaler in a different place than
before, then pretended to have another asthma attack. Sure enough, Jess retrieved the inhaler once
again. Proving that she understood her owner’s ailments. Ironically though, when another member of
the household tried to do the same trick it didn’t work, because Jess knew that they didn’t
suffer from asthma. That’s one smart dog. Number 9: Stray Saver. In Siberia, one of the worst things that can
possibly happen to you is falling through the ice. For if someone isn’t there to save you, it’s
all but a death sentence. This is exactly what happened to young Andrei
Pavlov, though. For you see, he was out there feeding the
ducks near a pond that had been iced over. The ice suddenly gave way, and he fell in. Lucky for him, a dog named Nadia had actually
been following him all day. Nadia was a stray, and some believe that she
“foresaw” what was going to happen to him, and thus stayed by his side. Sure enough, when Andrei fell through, Nadia
started barking loudly and frequently. A woman near, one who knew about Nadia, heard
the barking and came to see what was going on. Nadia took her to the spot, and the woman
got help and got the boy out of the water. Because of the time he had spent in the water,
his recovery took a while, but he lived. Nadia, meanwhile, was adopted not long after. But in a twist, her adoption was approved
before the incident. So if she had gotten taken in beforehand,
Andrei likely wouldn’t have made it. Number 8: Save The Baby. Before we talk about this amazing dog, take
a moment to like this video and join the Zero2Hero community by clicking the buttons below! When it comes to dogs, many love having them
because they have very good instincts. Specifically, they have very good protective
instincts, and thus they know how to take care of their owner when the time comes. For a Doberman Pinscher named Khan, he went
all out to protect the child of his new owners. It goes to show Khan’s protective instincts
that he protected a 17-month-old, because he had only been with the family a week before
an incident happened. Specifically, a King Brown Snake had somehow
made it into the family’s house, and was heading for the 17-month-old Charlotte. This is really bad because the King Brown
Snake is one of the most venomous snakes in the entire world. So if it had bit Charlotte, her body wouldn’t
have been able to resist the venom for long. Thankfully, Khan was there, and just as the
snake was about to bite, he pushed Charlotte away, and took the bite himself before dealing
with the snake. After seeing what happened, Khan’s owners
got him some anti-venom, and both he and Charlotte lived. Number 7: Bark At The Burglar. The senses of a dog are highly revered, and
for good reason. They almost have this sixth sense to tell
when danger is approaching, or is going to approach. And other times, their heightened five senses
can tell them something that we don’t notice. Kelsey Leachman was living in her home in
Kentucky with a rescue pitbull named Layla. Layla had been nursed back to health by Kelsey,
who had found her in a pretty sorry state. One night, they were relaxing in their Kentucky
home when something seemed off with Layla. She started acting weird, then she dashed
off into the kitchen and started to bark loudly. Unsure what was going on, Kelsey entered the
kitchen, and saw a burglar in her house. She tried to flee, but the burglar got a hold
of her and took her to the ground. Layla was furious, and didn’t just bark at
the burglar, she bit him repeatedly on the legs. If you don’t know, Pit Bulls are known for
their bites, that’s what makes them somewhat dangerous in the wrong hands. Anyway, thanks to Layla, Kelsey was able to
not only get free, but chase the robber out of the house. Unfortunately, the police weren’t able to
find the guy. But that’s small potatoes to what would’ve
happened if Layla hadn’t been there to keep Kelsey safe. Number 6: Find the Bomb. Believe it or not, dogs have been a part of
the military for millennia. Even the Ancient Romans would use “war dogs”
for various purposes, because dogs would use their senses to detect enemy troops, traps,
and more. This continues to this day in the modern military,
where tracking dogs, sniffer dogs, and more are used for various purposes. In many cases, dogs are used as bomb sniffers,
to detect explosive devices so that soldiers don’t step on them accidentally and get hurt. In the British Military, a dog named Treo
was very good at his job. The Black Labrador was part of the 104 Military
Working Dog Support Unit. He served in the war in Afghanistan, and multiple
times found bombs that would’ve hurt the soldiers he was working with. Because of his long service and good duty
to his squad, Treo was given the Dickin Medal, the highest military honor for an animal in
Britain. But what happened to Treo after his time in
the military? Well, he was adopted by his handler, who felt
he owed the dog as it had saved his life more than once. Number 5: Get out! A woman named Laura Smith, who resided in
Texas, decided to adopt a dog for her family named Chrome in 2017. Not long after they had gotten Chrome, something
happened. One night, Chrome came into Laura’s room and
started to bark, very loudly, and very frequently. Laura was asleep at this point, and because
it was 1AM, Laura at first decided to try and ignore Chrome. But Chrome getting trying to get her up, and
her senses started to realize that something was wrong with the house. It was on fire. In a rush, she went and got her two children
and left the house before it burned itself to the ground. Faulty wiring is believed to be the cause
of the fire, but it was never confirmed. The local community came together to help
the Smith’s out, and Chrome was treated like the hero he was. Number 4: Keeping You Warm. Accidents on ATV’s are almost always bad because
they offer little to no protection to their riders. Sure enough, a 56-year-old man from Central
Queensland had a particularly bad bike accident, and actually found himself pinned under his
quad. The bike was so heavy that he truly couldn’t
get it off of him, and thus, there he remained. The only good news was that his dog was there
with him, and the dog was kind enough to snuggle up to his owner and keep him warm as the night
came. The next day came, and a nearby neighbor found
the two and called emergency services. The doctors openly admitted that if the dog
had not kept the man warm, he likely would’ve passed away from hypothermia. Number 3: Back off! This is a tale from Garibaldi, Brazil, where
a man named Osmar Persisco had a dog named Max, and was doing what most owners do with
their dogs, he took Max for a walk. But this is where things went wrong. For a couple of burglars tried to rob Osmar. When he refused their demands, they shot him. The bullet barely missed his skull, and just
grazed him. Max, furious at what was happening to his
owner, attacked the robbers. One of them immediately fled, the other one
decided to shoot Max three times. Osmar was able to get Max to the vet, and
despite what should have been fatal injuries, Max lived. Maybe someone from above wanted to award him
for his good deed. Number 2: Push The Button. While dogs sometimes are able to sense what
to do on their own, it’s good to know that you can train them to do key tasks when lives
are on the line. For a woman named Judith Shaw, that’s exactly
what saved her life. She had a bad case of Glaucoma, and at one
point, she actually passed out from the pain of the sickness. Her dog was there though, and Louie knew exactly
what to do. He found the Panic Button, and when services
answered, he barked loudly at them. When no human was heard from Louie’s end,
they put two and two together and sent people to the house. Judith lived, all because her dog pushed the
button that she trained him to push. That’s a good boy. Number 1: Walk me, now! This is a story that’s almost too unbelievable
to be true…and yet, it is. One day, a 12-year-old Shih-Tzu named Babu
was getting antsy, and she went to her owner, an 83-year-old woman named Tami, and barked
to indicate that she wanted a walk. This was odd for many reasons. Not the least of which was that the dog hated
going for walks, so why did she want one now? But, Tami was willing to take her on a walk,
and so they did. But Babu didn’t stop after a little walk. Instead, she not only led her owner away from
her house, she made her walk up a tall hill. What was going on here? Where was the dog leading the owner? Well, Tami would soon get the answer. For after getting on top of the hill, she
turned around to see her house. Except it wasn’t there, for the 2004 tsunami
was washing it away. That’s right, this dog not only sensed the
tsunami, it sensed it at such a distance that Babu had the time to get her owner to high
ground. Which meant that she fully understood what
a tsunami was! That’s pretty impressive. What do you think about these incredible pet
stories? Let us know in the comments below and…take