2 Chainz & Amara La Negra Indulge in the Finest Rare Cigars

So we moved into the members
lounge. Welcome. -Thank you.
-Thank you. What we prepared
for you here is a selection of essentially
the best experience that we have to offer
for the palate, so this is the Davidoff
Oro Blanco, obviously
white gold in Spanish. Obviously there’s
no gold in this, and the Don Q 20-year-old
Puerto Rican rum, so the Davidoff Oro Blanco is the first cigar
that was made by master blender
Eladio Diaz. This cigar is grown
on a square mile of land in the Dominican
Republic, and it’s a place where
three different rivers come together to meet, which creates
the fertile rich soil which allows this kind
of product to be made. The tobacco was
harvested in 2002, and then they were
only produced one time. -So it’s very exclusive.
-100% exclusive. This is probably
one of the rarest cigars in the United States
market. Wow. This cigar we sell
for $500 a stick. Oh, wow. Look at that.
It’s almost nothing. These $500 apiece? Yes, sir. 5 bang
for that box, $5,000. -$5,000.
-I mean, that’s now because maybe later on,
it can go for more. Well, of course. I mean,
if it’s that exclusive. And that’s for me? Of course. Tobacco, as long as you
keep it well-prepared, these cigars will last
essentially forever. What is the best way
to keep these? The temperature, I think… Do you have to have a humidor
to keep these, like…? -Yes, absolutely.
-Dang. The preservation
of the humidity and the temperature
is crucial, so 70 degrees
and 70% humidity is essentially ideal. If the cigar gets too wet, the oils in the tobacco
deteriorate, and you lose
some of the flavor, and if it’s too dry,
it’ll burn hot, and then it’s harsh.
We do all the work for you. You don’t have to worry
about any of that. What’s your most expensive
membership here? Most expensive is $10,000. -Is that a month or…
-It’s lifetime. -Oh.
-Okay. Our members get a 10%
discount off everything, in each of our locations, access to the
members-only lounge. -Okay.
-Our lockers are maintained, spirit tasting,
cigar tastings. Our customer base, business
owners are entrepreneurs. There’s a lot
of internal networking that is done through
our membership. It’s just kind of the community
that we cultivate. So… Are you in your feelings
about trying one? You want to keep it perfect
in the box, don’t you? -If you give me this box now…
-Oh, God, him and the box. -Right. Exactly.
-This is all… I was planning on
sharing this with people. Of course. So… Oh, my God.
He’s opening it. -Oh, my God. It’s over.
-I know. I’m like, “Don’t.” -Don’t do it, right?
-Don’t. Don’t do it. Okay. So in the factories,
they will laugh at you if, like here, we pull out a cutter
to cut the cigar. -They do it with their teeth?
-Exactly. Yeah.
It is a product
entirely made by hand, so why use
a machine to cut it? Now, of course, I will not bite your cigar,
I promise you. Yeah, don’t bite.
Don’t bite. [ Laughs ] Sometimes in life,
you just gotta do it. True. Properly to light the cigar
rather than cutting it, you light it first
in indirect heat. You basically start
to warm up the oils in the outer end
of the tobacco. They call this toasting. The idea is to draw
the smoke into your mouth and taste it without
breathing it into your lungs. Are you gonna
cut it now or no cut? Yeah. Bring the smoke in, and you hold onto it,
a lot like red wine again. You let it roll
around the mouth, breathe out
through the nose. Much like food, if you
don’t activate the nose, you don’t get
most of the flavor. Activate the nose
to embrace the flavor. Ooh, I like that. You said that way
better than I did. Does this work like the joints,
too? Puff, puff, pass? Weird.
-Bad form to share cigars. That being said…
-No puff, puff, pass. …a big part of enjoying
the right cigar is when you feel
is the right time and the right moment
with the right people, so I never, never, ever
would push someone to try a cigar
on my behalf. You gonna try, Amara?
You gonna try it first? Yeah. Yeah. After you. Go ahead.
I have lips, thank you, see? So it’s a solid out. Yeah, well,
I’m taking care of you. Go ahead. But it actually feels good. Come on. You’re gonna
get it together. You know what I’m saying?
Like, you do this. -You just got to do it.
-Man, maybe you hit it. I got to learn
because these things
will get you high, right? I mean,
it just looks right. It looks like
a beautiful experience. -I mean, it truly, truly is.
-Do it. I never, ever would push
someone to try a cigar. You know what I’m saying?
Like, you do this. We’ll take care
of you, I promise. -Come on. Let’s do it.
-Please. Go ahead. You do this. ♪♪ Yeah. Okay. I don’t know how
not to swallow. How to not what? True. I had to stop
my throat like. I had to… As you can tell,
I’m very good at this. Yeah, you’re very good
at this. -I would say so.
-Let me see. Okay. So… Yeah. Y’all know how to hit
that motherfucker. Yours looks way
better than mine. When you have one of these,
you be boss. You’re a natural. Yes.
I might get into this. Man, you know how
to smoke that thing. You’re getting high,
too, a little bit. Certainly know
how to smoke it. Well, you’re shaking
like a motherfucker to let you know
something just happened. When you smoke, are you supposed
to have a drink with it? Does it add to the flavor,
to the experience? Absolutely. 20 years old,
we can drink this, too? What you mean?
You’re 2 Chainz. You can have anything
in this table. -You feel good?
-Yes. Then pour
some liquor up. Let me introduce you
to a gentleman from the company who will walk you through
the entire process. Who you got, man?
What’s going on, man? How you doing, my friend?
John Meisler. Nice to meet you.
I’m 2 Chainz. -Nice to meet you, sir.
-All right. ♪♪ I hear you know something about this 20-year-old
treasure right here. Serralles is a family
that moved to Puerto Rico and started making
rum about 1865, named their rum
for Don Quixote, you know, the search
for the new world. You know, you have the
immigrants come to Puerto Rico and create a new life
for themselves.
Right. We have what we call
the angel’s share. That’s what’s lost
to evaporation during aging, and in Puerto Rico,
since it’s always hot, old rums are very rare in the Caribbean,
quite frankly. So they started
searching the warehouse, and then they came
across this lost stash that’s been sitting back there
for years and years. It was mismarked,
and it was 20 years old. They lose 8% to 10%
a year compounded, so what was once 300 barrels was down to
about 50 barrels of rum. They said, “You know what?
This is something special, so let’s commemorate
our family’s history.” Okay, so I have to ask.
I’m sorry. -Please. Please.
-But what does this go for? $1,865. You gonna try it, Amara?
You gonna try it first? Yeah. Yeah.
After you. Go ahead. I’m taking care of you.
Go ahead. You know what I’m saying?
Like, you do this. -May I?
-Yes, please. It’s a very dry,
exquisite, almost
cognac-bourbon-esque style. -Awesome. Thank you.
-Yep. You see the beautiful
gold and amber hue that comes in the color? That’s all from the barrel.
It’s the real thing. You smell the wood,
something a little different from what you would
normally expect. What makes it so special
and the perfect pairing for this cigar…
-True. …those acids
and tannins coat your mouth. You take a sip,
and you smoke the cigar. Your mouth is protected
from the heat. The flavors come together.
-Yeah. This ain’t gonna
hurt me, is it? No, not at all.
That’s the point. If you smoke and drink
at the same time… Well,
it coats your mouth. …you’ll be all
types of messed up. But that’s the whole…
That’s the beauty of this. -All right.
-You know, and good alcohol shouldn’t burn you
in the mouth. You should feel it
about right here. -Okay. Let’s see.
-And here, cheers. Oh, cheers. Cheers. Voilà.
-Whoo. Man: Ow. That stuff
is strong, man. -Well, it…
-I mean, once it goes in. Well, that’s the thing,
you know? Once it goes in. That’s all I need,
this little bit right here. I can’t even drink
all this. -[ Gargling ]
-There you go. What? ♪ I’m gonna live life ♪ ♪ Without a care
I don’t care, I don’t care ♪ Do you feel it in your chest? I do.
It’s still going there. But it’s not hot
in your mouth.
No, it’s not hot in my moth. -It’s just right here.
-Why is it moving so slow? [ Voices distorted ]
Well, come on. Keep doing it. We’ll take care of you,
I promise you. -♪ I just want to let you go ♪
-Is it burning? -Yeah.
-You have to embrace it. Just shake, you know
what I’m saying? Well, I can do that. You know what I’m saying?
Ooh. The name of this episode is
called Más Carísimo. I’m your host,
Dos Cadenas. And I’m Amara. Yeah, see…
[ Mumbles ] La Negra. We’re still working
on those R’s. -Amara.
-Muy bien. -Muy, muy, muy…
-Muy bien. …muy bien.
Yeah, sí. -Oh, wow.