2009-2014 F150 Axial Black Smoked LED Tail Lights Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americantrucks.com, and today
we’re taking a closer look at and installing the Axial Black Smoked LED Tail Lights available
for the ’09 to ’14 styleside F-150s. You should be checking this out for your own
F-150 if you’re looking at ditch the factory, very traditional boring tail lights to not
only give your back end a stealthier look but something that’s just going to completely
change that rear-end design of your truck. Now, these tail lights are ditching the factory
incandescent bulbs and replacing them with 12 upper and lower individual LEDs that are
super bright, a lot more modern and a lot more attractive, at least in my personal opinion. In addition to the swap of the incandescents
to LEDs, you’re also switching up from that factory traditional red look and chrome accent
look to a black interior housing with a smoked acrylic lens, which is again the same OEM
quality materials as your factory lights, but in every way, shape and form changes up
the design and just looks a little bit more aggressive and I think it’s a huge worthwhile
change at the rear. Now you get the 12 upper, 12 lower individual
LEDs, you get two accent lights on the side and you’re reusing that factory reverse light
bulb in the middle. As far as mounting them up, the same way the
factory lights uninstall and install, it’s going to be the same way you do the Axials. It also is a complete plug and play process. Now I know some of the LED lights out there
on the market will require you to cut and splice your factory harness. Not gonna be the case here. It’s got factory style connectors that’ll
snap right into your stock harness. All you’re gonna be reusing is that factory
reverse light. Otherwise, it’s a straight-on plug and play
and I’ll show you guys that in just a minute. Know that the tail lights come in a pair of
two so you get of course a driver and passenger side for the around 260 bucks, which I think
is a great price for such a big change. The install, I’m gonna give one out of three
wrenches on our difficulty meter. All you’re gonna need is about 30 minutes
to an hour from start to finish. I’d say probably around the 30-minute mark. I’m gonna take you through every step of the
process. Let’s get to it. The tools using this install include an impact
gun or a ratchet and an 8-millimeter socket. All right guys. The first step of the uninstall, of course,
is to grab an 8-millimeter socket, drop your tailgate, and we’re gonna remove the two bolts
holding on our tail light. Now they’re on the inside or where the tailgate
would sit, one at the top, one at the bottom. You’re gonna pull straight back just like
that. We’re gonna pinch and disconnect the harnesses
connected to the factory bulbs, two top and bottom and then your reverse light in the
middle. So we got our factory tail light off of our
F-150 and it’s on the tailgate next to our Axial Black LED Smoked Tail Light. I’m gonna show you some of the similarities,
but mainly the big differences between the two and really there are a couple here. The biggest difference, of course, is gonna
be the interior housing is black on your new Axial tail light, whereas your factory one
is that traditional bright chrome red, those kind of polished mirror-like shine accents. So huge contrast, night and day difference
here. The black interior on your new tail light
is super stealthy and it’s also got an acrylic lens just like your factory one, but this
time it’s smoked. The smoked lens gives you that really stealthy
back end appearance, which I actually am a big fan of the smoked lenses. Some guys might not like the smoked exterior
lens. They might like it clear with a black interior
just to give the impression of a smoked lens, but I actually like it when that lens is darker. I think it gives it that true stealth. Inside of that smoked lens, you’re getting
a complete redesign. You have 12 individual LEDs, top and bottom,
and it’s broken up into sections just like your factory ones. So not a huge style or design difference there. It’s really how they use that design. Inside 12 different LEDs top and bottom. Reverse light’s going to go right in the middle
and we are reusing that factory reverse light. On the sides, you get the reflectors, accents
and really just stealthy lines. There’s nothing a whole lot crazier going
on here, which I actually like. It’s more of that minimalistic look on the
siding. On the back, what we can do is flip this over
and show you the factory incandescent bulbs versus your new LED setup. Now there’s resisters already built in to
make sure that they’re using the proper voltage and all of that, so you don’t have to worry
about adding resistors or doing any wiring. It’s built into these plug and play harnesses. They’re already clipped in, already spliced
for you. These are gonna snap right into the factory
harness inside of your truck. The reverse light is gonna go right in here. There’s a little plastic or paper cap on that,
so you’re just gonna remove that and your reverse light pops right into that housing
the same as your factory. So what we’re gonna do is toss this aside. We don’t even need to touch the light bulbs. All we’re gonna do, plug in, bolt it back
up and repeat on the other side. All right guys, the install we’re gonna start
off by taking our reverse light and sliding that right into the middle socket here just
to have that out of the way. Really just gonna take that bulb and twist
it in the position. There you go. Once you have your reverse light taken care
of, you can take the bottom harness on your Axial tail light and the bottom harness from
the factory and plug those guys in together. They’ll only go in one way, so just snap that
in. Do the same thing for the top harness. All right. Once you have them connected, we can tuck
them back into position. Feed the factory tail light back through the
stock retainer clips. From here, once you have it in place, grab
those factory 8-millimeter bolts and thread them through by hand and then tighten them
down. Now you can repeat for the other side. Now, of course, you want to make sure you’re
testing your lights before you hit the road, hit the brakes, turn signals, hazard lights,
turn on your tail lights, so on and so forth. Make sure all the bulbs are correct. If something isn’t lighting up, make sure
everything is tight and secure. Just test out your lights before you hit the
road. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my review
and install for the Axial Black Smoked LED Tail Lights for the ’09 to ’14 styleside F-150. You can pick up your set right here at americantrucks.com