2019 CRI Immunotherapy Patient Summit Series Highlights

– The Cancer Research Institute
Immunotherapy Patient Summit is empowering for patients
and their caregivers their family support systems. Because it gives them the opportunity to learn about what we’re
doing, to be a part of the team so that they can make informed choices to learn about what
immunotherapy can and can’t do. – Patients are our partners in advancing cancer
research and cancer care. I believe we have made enormous
progress in immunotherapy but we are just at the tip of the iceberg. – I think it’s really important
for patients and caregivers to be able to understand the
science of cancer treatments and drug development and the rationale for some of these treatments
and clinical trials. – We’ve got a very exciting program. I’ve given you a little background about the history of immunotherapy and why we’re excited about it. You’re now all experts
on how our immune system can work to fight cancer. – I hope you leave today
with a sense of empowerment. I hope that you gather
very important information and that this will help you advocate for yourself or your loved ones. – It feels really special
to have a place just for us to share and come together,
but also to learn about some of the key scientific
advances that are happening. – The Immunotherapy Patient Summit is a really unique opportunity. I’m not aware of very many,
if any, patient opportunities to hear a group of
immunotherapy researchers about the latest developments
in immunotherapy. – We are in a new era of cancer research and cancer treatment. And the Cancer Research Institute
has been a driving force of our progress in immunotherapy. – We have seen just absolutely
phenomenal responses. Now we can actually see
that metastatic disease can possibly be cured. – The breakout session is a smaller forum that gives us more one-on-one engagement and for patients to ask
questions of importance to them. We also have a lot to learn and so this is really an exciting time to not only talk about
what we already know but what we still have
yet to learn in the field. – I’m walking away with
some specific action steps. Something I would be talking
to my doctor next week when I go for my follow-up visit. – I met with a clinical trial navigator who found four trials that
are near me for my cancer. I emailed my oncologist and
he immediately responded and said we’re going to
talk about it on Monday and see if I can get
enrolled in that trial. – Knowledge is power. If you understand the
cancer treatment options including clinical trials,
there is more power to you. To find the right specialist,
and then to choose correctly. – The Immunotherapy Patient
Summit means education learning, understanding, and hope for what lies ahead in the future and that the dismal days
of cancer treatments without immunotherapy are behind us. – As a patient and an advocate,
the Immunotherapy Summit means to me, more hope. I believe it gives a
great forum for people to hear the stories, to ask the questions to speak to someone face-to-face. – It means an exciting
new world for all of us where this is an option regardless of the kind
of cancer that you have. And that feels really
great to be a part of.