#20Millon Memorial – Remembering Those Who Have Died From Tobacco

-My story
-My story… -My story’s about my mom.
-It’s about my best friend. WOMAN: It’s about my brother. Since the Surgeon General first issued a report on
smoking and health -in 1964…
-She loved to dance. WOMAN: He was on the golf course
every day. More than 20 million people
have died due to illnesses caused
by smoking or exposure
to secondhand smoke. WOMAN: And that is
when it all started. MAN: You know, not feeling good. That’s nearly 400,000 deaths
every year. 1,000 deaths every day. Nearly everyone has been
touched by these deaths. MAN: She got this nagging cough. WOMAN: She went through
rounds of chemotherapy. WOMAN: Suffered for years. Let’s work together to make the next generation
tobacco-free, and remember the lives
that smoking has taken from us. Our family, our friends,
and our loved ones. Use the hashtag #20million to post a memorial message for people you have lost
from smoking. WOMAN: And then one day… Because 20 million is enough.