3M Overview of Aerosol Spray Adhesives

welcome to 3m industrial adhesives and
tapes today I’m gonna provide an overview of our 3m spray aerosol
adhesives over here we have our premium line of aerosol adhesives with industry
recognized products such as super 77 full fast 74 and high-strength 90 we also
have an inverted line of aerosols in full fast 74 orange polystyrene 78 and
high-strength 90 are available in this inverted air assault technology that
allows you to spray upside down eliminating broken spray patterns and
expelling one hundred percent of the adhesive from the can today I want to
introduce our series 20 line 20 is a high strike permanent bonding adhesive
design for woodworking laminating and edge making applications 24 is a folded
fabric application that will give you full strength in seconds and is
orange in color 27 is a multi-purpose adhesive designed for lightweight
applications such as paper binding so there you have it complete portfolio
aerosol adhesive developed by 3m