3M Series 20 Aerosol Spray Adhesives

welcome to the 3m industrial adhesives
and tapes when I talk to industrial customers about 3m I hear things such as
high quality products conference trusts and innovation today I want to introduce
our newest line of products that have all these attributes along with a very
competitive price with serious 20 line of aerosol adhesives 20 20 is a
high-strength high heat lace adhesive that’s designed for applications such as
edge banding woodworking and laminating but will also work great for headliners
seaming poly or hanging plastic 24 24 is designed for foam & fabric it’s going
to have foam tearing strength in seconds it’s orange in color so it’s easy to see
it also has a lace spray pattern 27 27 is a multi-purpose mist spray pattern this is
designed for lightweight applications such as paper bonding fabric bonding or
hanging signs so the next time you have a need for an industrial strength adhesive
think 3m series 20