5 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend OBSESSED with YOU!

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get yourself a girlfriend? Fuck yea baby, congratulations, I told you
my shit works.. But now you’re looking for advice on how
to keep that girlfriend of yours… OK OK that seems important we can make a video
out of it.. Let’s do it. The first thing you want to do to make sure
your girlfriend stays into you is to establish expectations from the start. Expectations are what make or break any relationship,
whether it’s a relationship with your girlfriend, your guy friends, your step sister, or anyone
else. Anytime you get angry, upset, happy, or sad,
with someone or something, it’s based on how your expectations lived up to reality. For example, if you and your girlfriend expect
to be monogamous and to not hook up with other people, if you find out she’s banging the
pool boy, you’re gonna be pretty upset aren’t you? This is obvious. But expectations matter even on a smaller
level. Does your girlfriend expect you to be able
to text her and talk to her on the phone every single time she hits you up? Because if she does and you don’t answer
or don’t want to talk to her at that moment, she’s gonna be royally pissed that you’re
not meeting that expectation. Does she expect you to pay for everything? Do you expect to see her a certain number
of times per week? Do you expect her to do certain things for
you? All of these are expectations, and you need
to establish them out loud with her, very clearly what the expectations for your relationship
will be like. Both of you need to set the expectations of
what you want and decide on how you will manage them in your relationship. Fundamentally, almost every argument or dissatisfaction
with your relationship will come from having improper or unmet expectations. The best way I’ve found to have a solid
foundation for a healthy relationship, is to have an explicit talk about what you expect
from your girlfriend and the relationship and have her voice her side as well. The earlier you can do this, the better. The second thing you want to do is to always
remain confident in the value you provide to your girlfriend and your relationship. You want to be confident that you are a benefit
to the person’s life because when you don’t feel that way, you will start to display extremely
unattractive traits and behaviors to your girlfriend. This is why some guys become controlling over
their girlfriends and begin to act needy. It’s because they don’t feel like they
are a benefit to their girlfriend’s life, so they constantly seek the girl’s validation
to make themselves feel better. The best way to avoid the needy trap, is to
actually believe you are a benefit to your girlfriend and her life, the same way you
believe she is a benefit to your life. If you don’t believe you guys are a benefit
to each other, why would you be together in the first place? This is why it’s important to make sure
you and your girlfriend are a good match BEFORE you wife her up. So many guys are too quick to jump into relationship
with the first scraps of pussy they can get, so any girl who gives them attention, they
“fall in love with.” Jesus christ, gimme a break! This is why learning how to date and meet
girls is an important skill.. It gives you plenty of options and the ability
to find the best girl possible for you AND her. Now, the third thing you want to do keep your
girlfriend hooked is pretty obvious… you wanna make sure you’re hitting it right! If you or her are unsatisfied with your trips
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be overbearing. Occasionally, a guy will be dating a girl
and then once they become boyfriend and girlfriend, he’ll take that as his cue to go full bitch
mode. He’ll become really needy, will hit her
up all hours of the day, and become overbearing because he now feels confident enough to show
his neediness and insecurity since he has her locked in. You want to avoid this at all costs. Oh man… this will make girls run away from
you worse than if you had The Cheese Touch. Think about it from the girl’s perspective.. You’re dating someone and things are cool,
laid back, and you like them a lot so you go ahead and start dating them officially. And as soon as that happens they start acting
totally different, and not just totally different, but in a way that you perceive as worse and
less desirable. Of course you’re gonna drop that bitch faster
than a hot potato. This is why you want to be yourself from the
start, and don’t put on a facade.. The whole point is to be with someone you
are truly compatible with, not someone your fake self is compatible with. Now to wrap things up here, is the fifth thing… I think it’s important to address the question
we’re answering here. The reason I made this video was because I
always get tons of questions from guys who used my advice, and got girlfriends… leaving
them to wonder how to keep their girlfriends happy. This is a bad question because it comes from
a place of scarcity. It acts as though you NEED to keep her at
all costs. The reality is, you should only stay in a
relationship for as long as it’s beneficial to you. If a relationship stops making you happy,
then you should end it. The core reason you’re in a relationship
is because it makes you happier than if you were without it. If a relationship adds value to your life
then it will be beneficial and you’ll work hard to make it better and care for her because
you’ll value her more. So when you approach the age old question
of how to keep your girlfriend or relationship happy then you should really re-focus it to
“How can I make myself happy with this relationship?” Because if you’re not happy with it, it’s
not gonna last and you’re not gonna be able to be the best boyfriend you can to your girlfriend. Only when both people are happy with the relationship
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