74-year-old woman obsessed with Space Shot ride

42:58-“well this afternoon at A- land we met a woman who has turned her love for one specific ride, into an obsession, and i’m not overstaing that in any sense of the word.” 29:12 – ahhh!!!! In the middle of Adventureland.. . 27:09-“all yelling” …this kingdom ruled by kids…sits a 74-year-old woman… 20:55-“locking in” …who calmly takes her place… 21:12-“hi wilson – I know him” …among the prepubescents surrounding her… 40:30-“for as old as she looks, she looks like she’s pretty tough..” Shirley Beeghly never screams like everyone else…. 22:54-“ohhh my God!!! …she is too busy counting… 25:37-“now it’s 65.” …her daily total – rocketing skyward on the space shot… 28:09-“68” She goes up…comes down… 30:10-“i think it’s 70.” …over and over… wearing the contented look of someone who is exactly where they want to be … 25:08-“whoosh up” 16:55-“i like to stay on it and get as many times as i can on it.” 10:51-“i feel as young as springtime.” Shirley never married, no kids…which has provided ample time to visit Adventureland throughout her life… the obsession with the Space Shot started about 3 years ago… 17:15-“it’s just like you’re taking off on an airline, then landing.” 38:58-“i’m not sure i’ve ever known anyone who has loved a single ride quite as much as shirley loves the space shot.” If you’re going to have an addiction, there are worse you could choose… 16:51-“i love that space shot ride.. ” 44:35-“when last we left shirley she was closing in on 90 times up space shot at adventureland, only about half way to her all time one-day record she set last summer, 182 times – at a-land MTKCCI