Alushield Aerosol Bandage Review

KERRI: Hi, I’m Kerri.
I work in Administration, and today I’m reviewing
the Alushield Aerosol Bandage. This is a super handy spray
that helps protect wounds from dirt and debris while still
allowing them to breathe. It helps promote healing
while also being very simple to use. The most unique thing about
this spray is that it dries into a protective layer
that doesn’t require any bandaging. If your horse is like mine
and manages to injure themselves on anything
and everything, you’ll really appreciate
this feature. The active ingredient
in this is aluminum powder and one of my favorite things
is that you can apply it over any other ointment or treatment. To use you’re simply going
to spray the affected area until it’s lightly
covered and that’s it. This formula is water resistant
but it can also be removed with soap and water. I went through a lot
of this product when my horse suffered a laceration
that required stitches on one
of her hind legs. Although her wound required
bandaging at first, this was the perfect
choice for me to help transition her to leaving
it open for further healing. It healed up great and this
was the perfect choice to make my life easier. This is an ideal choice
for helping protect any kind of wound or minor abrasion, especially if your horse
is turned out where dirt and debris may be a factor.
I’m Kerri, and the Alushield
Aerosol Bandage is a must-have in my
first aid kit.