Aneurisma de aorta – Cómo se puede tratar

How can they be treated? Regarding treatment of aneurysms logically depends on the location that has ascending aortic aneurysms or crook
normally require open surgery and the use of extracorporeal circulation. The descending thoracic or abdominal ones increasingly, we do it with techniques called endovascular. That is, they are techniques minimally invasive with custom-made prosthesis
practically for each patient and are interventions that are made
through the groin normally, with small incisions and introducing the aneurysm prosthesis lining inside, from the groin or from the femoral, from inside, making it not necessary to open the cavities to reach the aneurysm itself. Anyway, There are cases with better results with an open endovascular surgery and of course
as each case is special and requires a totally thorough study to decide for each
patient and for each type of aneurysm which is the best treatment indicated. The important thing is to be treated by professionals that they do it everyday and being available all
treatment options, both open as endovascular, so that objectively it can be
recommended to a patient which is the best treatment for your case.