Anti-Smoking Commercial (France)

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve summoned you today
because we’re facing a huge problem. We need to get rid of more
than 60 tons of toxic waste. acetone, cadmium, ammonium,… We need a solution to suppress all this waste now ! I’m waiting for your ideas. Can’t we send them to a reprocessing plant ? Too expensive ! Let’s do it like the last time :
we buy a field and we bury them there. This era is over :
the environmentalists will fall on us within 24 hours ! Or bring them in a less-ecologic country ? So that’s all ? Can’t you find
something simpler, cheaper, more efficient ? What if we make people swallow them ? Swallow ? It’s disgusting, they’d found it out… No, no, no, by small amounts, every day,
they’d never notice anything. We just have to accustom them to it. For instance, by targeting the young people,
by making it marketingly trendy and rebel, It works every time. But, how will it look like then ? I think I have pictured exactly
what it could look like… Arsenic, acetone, DDT, ammonium, polonium 210 Smoking is being the trashcan
for the worst toxic waste. don’t get conned by the cigarette.
[NB: in french we can say “to roll” instead of “to con”] And how much will this cost ? Nothing, young people are willing to pay
to swallow those stuff !