Aortic Dissection | Rodney’s Story

>>How precious live is, how it could be here
today and gone tomorrow, it was just my time to go through some tough times in life, yeah. My plan was to go the spa and pick up a gift certificate for my wife and I, when I got there and
then my chest felt funny, and then I lost all
the feeling in my legs, that’s when the dissection
aorta came along. I was squirming around
hopeless in dealing with pain level that I had never
experienced in my life. After that, was I heard a
helicopter, I heard a helicopter.>>They wrapped him up and packaged him like a special delivery package. It was a team effort and their focus was saving the life of Rodney.>>Time was you know a precious
gift that he didn’t have a lot of, to know that
he was gonna be airlifted and taken to the hospital for surgery as quickly as possible
meant the world to me.>>Aortic dissection is
tearing of the blood vessel that leaves the heart and and supplies the entire body with blood flow. This disease if it is not
operated promptly, more than half of patients who have it
will die within 48 hours. The tear of the aorta
could cause sudden death from a variety of causes
and that’s why when someone has this we try to get them
here as quickly as possible and to the operating room
as quickly as possible. It’s a very complicated
procedure and it takes several hours, usually six to eight hours depending on the complexity of the tear. It requires opening the breastbone and replacing part of
the tubing that’s torn.>>And when Dr. Lawton
came out to explain to us that she had performed
surgery all night long.>>You could tell that she
was a person who really wanted to make sure that we were okay. It was about how Rodney was
doing, how complicated this is, and being honest and frank about how far he’s come and how far
he still needs to go.>>I woke up in the morning
in a bed with people around me and I was asked to wiggle
my toes, and lift my legs.>>Because he had lack
of blood flow to his leg and it required additional surgeries, he did have to have
significant physical therapy and learn how to use his
leg, and lift his leg and lift his foot in order to walk.>>Are you eeady, breathe
in on the way down. Breathe out on the way up.>>Rodney: Life moves on,
the body heals quickly. (uplifting music) I’m definitely not one to
sweat the small stuff anymore.>>In years of doing
this I feel the same way.>>You’re supposed to do
something great now, go out, enjoy life, you know you
weren’t meant to die that day.>>That’s right.>>Right. You know you just can’t
describe how great is to be able to go home be
with your wife, your kids, your family, and get back to normal life, but I’m so fortunate
to be here to tell you thank you and that I love all of you guys.>>I think all of that and
Rodney’s mental fortitude all came together and I think it is you know just a miracle
that he is here today. (uplifting music)