Aramis Tobacco Reserve Fragrance Review

Guys are you looking for a new fragrance for autumn or ladies are you looking for a new fragrance for your gentlemen in your life? Well stay with me because today I’m reviewing the newest fragrance from Aramis which is the Tobacco Reserve! Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel Ellie Smells and today I’m super excited to be bringing the latest creation from Aramis, which is by the Estee Lauder group, which is the Tobacco Reserve. So I don’t know if many of you know about Aramis? It was first launched in 1963 by Estee Lauder and what happened one morning as Estee Lauder herself went into her husband’s bathroom, because I think for her the secret of a really good marriage was having separate bathrooms…some things were meant to be secret, and she saw on the side that her husband had got maybe a different shower gel, a different soap, so she decided that what she was going to do was create a range of body products, so it was like men’s grooming range. And it was the first one to be launched and that was in 1963. So it had, I think, about 20 products within that range. Here are just a few. So this is the original Aramis and today I’m bringing you the latest creation which is the Tobacco Reserve. So this was launched this year and as you’ll see from the bottle it’s in the classic design of the original. Slightly more green and darker, square, with the Aramis logo and the lovely gold top. So quite a nice chunky bottle! And first of all you’ve got to forgive me if I pronounce the nose’s name completely wrong but it was Edouard Fléchier I believe and this one is classed as a woody aromatic. Now Edouard has created fragrances for houses such as Christian Dior, the Poison the poison attendre in particular, Davidoff, Christian Lacroix and also Valentino. So as I say this is his latest creation. So I’m going to spray this and before I even open the bottle I just know it’s going to be right up Timbo’s Street because he loves smoking and next to that he’d love to wear tobacco. So here goes. Have you tried this one yet timbo then? [Tim] Yes![Ellie]Wow! From the offset you definitely get sweet, tobacco, slightly powdery as well and mmm! Definitely in the top notes, you do get a fruity element and that’s because your top notes are Clary sage and cassis which is blackcurrant. So that keeps that top note quite spicy, but also fruity. Now I’m quite liking that, but in the heart that’s where you’ve got that heavy tobacco leaf and you’ve got other spices such as nutmeg which makes it warm and orris. Mmm I’m quite liking that so far Timbo. And then your base notes you’ve got that definite woody element. So you’ve got tonka bean and you’ve got oakmoss. So oakmoss and the tonka bean together are going to make this a really long-lasting fragrance. And I know that there is definitely a trend at the moment for men to be wanting something that’s going to be longer wearing more of the parfam which has got those heavier base notes such as tobacco and leather. So this one is definitely woodsy slightly sweet, I get a sweet element. I don’t think Tim does. I think what he’s really focused on is the tobacco! But it’s not like a pipe tobacco, it’s quite a nice sweet maybe more on the lines of a cigar than a cigarette tobacco. And you’ve got those heavy bass woods still with a slight fresh, spicy and a slight fruity note. So this one I think is going to project well on the skin. I think it’s going to last you a good six to eight hours from spraying and I think it’s going to give you that warmth and that waft during the sort of cooler winter months. It’s just going to be like that lovely cigarette smoke..and you stop laughing Timbo…but definitely, I think this is going to be one to try! I know that Tim loved it, he’s tried it and absolutely he’s been raving about it. Although I know he wasn’t particularly as keen on the original and I think that’s because his father wore this and most men, and most women that are with those men, don’t want them to smell like their dads! So yeah, I can really see this being quite a popular one and I know that men that particularly like fragrances such as they creed the Tabarone, which has got those tobacco and leathery notes in them, and also the Ralph Lauren Polo green, which is the original which has got those smoky leather tobacco fresh notes in there with spice, also the Tom Ford Tobacco Oud and fragrances along like that sort, as well as I think Tim’s tried the Mugler Pure Havane, which again is like a Cuban cigar. So they’re all sort of fragrances that if your man, or if you as a gentleman, like…this one is definitely well worth a try! The price point on this starts, I think, it’s around about fifty four pound for the 60 ml and about 75 for the 110 ml and that’s the size of bottle. So if you’re anywhere where you can try this, I think it’s limited at the moment to where you can actually buy it, I don’t know if it’s an exclusive to somewhere like John Lewis, but if it is pop it on, try it, let it settle on your skin, see what you think and let me know! Because it’s always interesting to get different people’s ideas and comments on whether they love the fragrance whether it’d be one that they would wear or whether they would like their man to smell like this? So don’t forget to leave me your comments, also to push the button and subscribe and to like the videos and check out some of my other ones because it’s always interesting to find out what other people think about the fragrances. Whether it’s something they would like to wear themselves and so yeah let me know and that’s it for now on Ellie Smells. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you again soon! [Music] so Tim you’re gonna cut the hedges today? [Music]