Arranged Joint | EP 05 – Green | Smoked up comedy | Rom Com Web Series | Originals | Feel Good Story

Here we are.. Talk carefully. My name shouldn’t come. Where is he going. Inspector. Inspector sir. I respect Mumbai Police alot. But currently its matter of my heart. That sir will go.. But Inspector sir, I beg of you. Sir and ma’am will go. I haven’t done such thing for myself. Sometimes you should do things for other. Are you nervous? Don’t take tension, I am with you. For now you don’t take tension coz I am with you Wait, I’ll go. What happened He is mad man buddy. I told him that I am journalist. And then he just kept saying not today, tomorrow. Why He is mad. He didn’t even listen to me further. Son of an owl. Come. Where Just come. I will go to every God’s house and pray. So, we don’t have much time. So shall we go inside. Walk So what are you going to say Mimi No No, you only talk to her. You are the smarter one. I don’t know anything. Why not but I don’t understand girls. So I don’t want to risk somebodies love for it. You can talk to her. I know nothing. I sit and learn. I didn’t mean that.. So what did you mean. I meant, Mimi is here Maam Let’s ask Questions to her. Mimi is here, sit mimi. And we came to know about your talent. So how are you feeling? I am very happy. I got the role of hero’s sister. Wow But I am little tensed too. I am very confused what should I do..? You can tell me, may be I can help.