Baldi’s Basics – Big Smoke’s Basics of Eating and Food (SFM)

CJ: Grove street… home… at least it was before I mocked everything up… Tenpenny: Carl Johnson! CJ? My dog!!! Wassup!? Hahaha-haa! Remember my name? Nice one CJ! Here we go! You know your brother? Right, right right right right… And sis? For real! Fry or chicken? Chicken man, no discussion! Carl, what do you want? You gotta eat to keep your strength up, man! Man, that’s some good shift! I’ll have… @#%$#$%^@$*^$#(@#)@^(@(#^(@#^@#(^&%*&^*&%*^%(^(@$06$#*)&% YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE, FOOL!!! CJ: Ay, ay ay ay! Big Smoke! It’s me, Carl! Chill, chill! Ryder: CJ! Ryder: What’s the matter foo’!? You tired!? Ryder: Keep up, mofo! Ryder: What you’re doing!? Ryder: You got 5! Ryder: Don’t expect me to kiss yo a… Ryder: CJ! Tenpenny: Carl, you naughty dirty piece of cake! Tenpenny: It ain’t over, Carl. It ain’t over! CJ: Oh, shift… here we go again… Ryder: CJ! CJ: Screw you! Ryder: Same old CJ… busta! Straight busta! Woozie: Heh-heh-heh-he-heh! Heh-heh-heh-he-heh! Heh-heh-heh-he-heh! ALL YOU HAD TO DO, WAS FOLLOW THE DAM’ TRAIN! CEEEEEE-JAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!