Bazzi on Performing ‘Paradise’ & His Obsession w/ Lizzo | 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards

– Gimme your favorite MTV
moment in all of MTV history. – [Bazzi] I watched this
Beyoncé performance. She had the time-coded
LED wall behind her. – Yeah, yeah! – And she was, it was so impressive. All of her choreography had to have been so perfect to work and to
move with the background. It was unbelievable. It was one of the most
impressive things I’ve ever seen. – We got Bazzi here, performing at the Movie & TV Awards.
– ‘Sup my man? – Man, this a big deal! How’s it feel, bro?
– Yes, sir. It feels good man. I mean, I grew up watching this show, so many incredible moments
have happened on this show. It’s exciting. I’m excited to leave my mark here. – [Dometi] Who inspires
you and where do you get that passion from to continue to reinvent and invigorate your music, reinvent yourself, man?
– [Bazzi] Yeah. I mean, I’m inspired by the greats, man. You know, Prince is
probably my biggest idol and how he pushes standard. And he lived in a time
where everything around him was so much different
than what he was doing and it never fazed him. And he was steady and he was confident in his authenticity and, you know, I’m inspired by that. I think it’s possible to create that same level of nostalgia without having to fit in the bubble and the space of your peers around you, so, yeah, I’m kind of existing in my own world. – That’s dope.
– Yeah. – But you do get a chance to collab and work with your peers–
– Yes, sir. – It’s a big week, you just dropped a record
– Yeah. – with 21 Savage. – Yeah, man.
– How did that collab come together? – [Bazzi] I just felt
like his energy on that would take it to the next level. And we hit them up and
apparently he was a fan and we sent the record over and he loved it and he did his thing. And I think that that record shows a really different side of me. And I think our energies on it
together really blend nicely. – [Dometi] The thing I
love most about the record, you talk about speaking things into existence, manifestation. That’s something I
believe in wholeheartedly. How have you put that
philosophy into your journey? And what has your journey been like from starting music at so young, you know, blowing up in multiple platforms and then taking it to this place, man? How have you done that? – How have I done it has really been like the message of the song. It’s always been self-belief. I’ve always kind of had
this blind faith in myself even when there was no
foundation to stand on. I believed I was floating,
you know what I’m sayin’? – Right. – And that record’s
really special to me too ’cause it is kind of a harder record; it could go in the club. But I’m flexing something
a little bit different. I’m not flexing material
things that exist around me. I’m flexing my mind. I’m flexing the way I
think which, alternately, gives me anything and everything
I could possibly want. – [Dometi] We also got Lizzo performing. You guys are sharing a few
stages in the next few weeks. Have you guys had a chance to meet? ‘Cause I saw you tweet her. Y’all been tweetin’ back and forth. – Yeah, naw.
– What’s up with that? – We’re gonna meet for
the first time today. I’m probably gonna cry because I love her. – What inspires you about Lizzo, man? What is it about her? You said she’s your favorite
human on the planet. – I think it’s just, I mean, one, her music is incredible. I think that she brings
such a different flavor. It’s like it sounds like nothing
else that exists right now. I love everything she stands for, man. I think she’s incredible. I think she’s important for women. I think she’s important for people to have a leader, have someone speaking how she’s speaking and shining light on the things she shines light on. I think she’s gonna be one of the biggest. I really do. – Man, you’re one of the biggest as well. Man, thank you for being here.
– ‘Preciate you. – Before I let you go,
any other dream collabs? – I wanna make a movie with The Rock. Yeah.
– Yeah, with The Rock? – Yeah!
(Dometi laughs) Get him in a music video, that’d be hard. – He’s winnin’ the Generation
Award, y’all might– – He’s probably sitting right next to me, I’m gonna smack, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.
(Dometi laughs) He’ll beat my ass. (laughs) (smooth hip-hop music)