Bengal Slices Pipe Tobacco –

Hi, I’m Russ Ouellette from and I’m here to talk to you today about the re-introduction of Bengal Slices. Bengal Slices was originally made for a for a U.S. importer by the House of Sobranie, the same people that made Balkan Sobraine. Later on by Gallaher’s and then further on was made in Denmark at the end of its run. And then it eventually disappeared sometime in the 1980’s. It was a really unique tobacco, and what set it apart beside that fact that it was a crumble cake that was an English style tobacco with with the addition of a bit of black cavendish, was that it had a unique top note that was added to it. that created an incense like aroma and a very bright clean flavor, unlike any other pipe tobacco that was on the market at the time. Bengal Slices was really close to me because I was introduced to it in the late 70’s by my former employer. He knew I liked latakia blends and he told me that this was something unlike anything that I had tried. And I absolutely fell in love with that clean flavor, that bright bright aroma that was so appealing that I would often smoke it walk out of the room ad then come back in so that I could catch that incense like fragrance. By the time I had left the business Bengal Slices had all but disappeared from the market and I really missed it, it was something that I loved, I really enjoyed regularly and now I couldn’t get it anymore. I was approached a little over a year and a half ago by the gentlemen who formed the Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania because they had acquired the rights to Bengal Slices. And they wanted me to try to reconstruct it. So when I agreed to undertake the project, Was able to get a lot more information then what I had when I was making my blend. So doing the research, reformulating it and especially working on that top dressing, we were able to reproduce it as faithfully, I think, as we could possibly make it with current components. I’m Russ Ouellette from and we are really proud to bring you the new Bengal Slices.