Bengal Slices White Label – Pipe Tobacco Review #18

Bengal Slices White. What’s up everybody
Eric here from Tea ‘n’ Tobacco and today I’m going to be looking at this brand
new release in the Bengal Slices line so let’s get to it. So today we are looking at Bengal Slices
White this is the white label versus the black label and the difference is that
this one is a blend of Virginia, Latakia, and Oriental whereas the black label
also has a Cavendish in it. It comes in a crumble cake that has kind of cut the
skinny way versus how it was compressed versus kind of like the Cornell & Deihl
that’s kind of the block that you get so you can actually kind of peel slices off
so it breaks apart very easy so it’s easy to pack if you want to kind of rub
it out it pretty much comes out as a cross cut tobacco for the most part
because you know it’s cut really skinny here and even the tobacco used is
already shredded so being a crumble cake you are going to get that it is very
packed with a lot of black tobacco and then those really dark browns and
then some specks of lighter tobaccos. Scent you’re looking at really heavy
smokiness with a touch of acid and a little bit of kind of a slight slight
sweetness to it as well it’s kind of barbecue sauce like moisture tin level
was basically perfect I haven’t had to do anything with it it was exactly how I
want right out of the tin so let’s get this a lit up here so while I’m doing
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subscribe to this channel for more content so right off the initial light
here there is a slight tongue bite to it it could be just because this is young
normally I would sit on a tin like this for like two years before I even opened
it so just something to know right there
there’s a little bit of bite for the most part you have a nice smokiness and
then kind of the main flavor is actually like a malted chocolate so kind of very
similar to like a whopper candy retro hell is very smooth really kicks kind of
that milk chocolate up a lot right there on the retrohale finish is very short
kind of just lingers on a slight smokiness in there there’s really not a
noticeable sweetness that comes with that
chocolate which is kind of strange but the chocolate is really a really bright
and light note of chocolate instead of kind of like a really dark chocolate
it’s more of a milk chocolate so it’s a little interesting even though there’s
no sweetness in there to kind of balance it so it’s kind of strange normally if
you I’ve encountered kind of a more milky chocolate this is actually some
sweetness to go along with it and in this case there isn’t but it’s there so
alright so I will keep smoking this down and I’ll update you in a little bit
today I am smoking my Albin pipe this shape is called a sail got off the Ebay
quite a few years ago I think these are made in the Czech Republic or something
like that probably about 35 bucks pretty nice but so I’m about halfway down the
bowl here super slow burner I’m like an hour in here and this isn’t a very big
bowl so it is a very slow burner about 15 minutes after the initial light
that milk-chocolate kind of loses some of its milkiness and moves down into
that deeper base of chocolate and note and then this whole blend is kind of
moved into kind of your typical English blend you have that really dark
chocolate note right down in the base of it and then really it’s that pine smoke
and in there there’s a touch of hay dry grass type of flavor retrohale is still
super smooth it kind of kicks up a little bit of a pepper note there’s
definitely some heat buildup in the back of the palate and a little bit actually
on the front of the tongue as well so that’s where I stand about the halfway
mark I’ll probably update you at the end of this thing hat of the day today I am
wearing my Dockers flat cap it also has ear flaps for those very blustery
winters which is funny because I actually had this cap for like two years
before I even noticed that those were there so if you’re interested you can
check that out in the link down in the description alright so I’m pretty much
at the end of this thing it’s pretty much gone flavor I still say pretty much
the same from the last update though any of those brighter notes that were still
left kind of dropped off near the end and everything kind of getting more
deeper and bold I guess you could say kind of those dark cocoa notes stayed in
there and it all kind of went kind of earthy with that smoke hanging in there
but any like the bright grassy notes for what there was and then obviously the
kind of the creamy notes right at the beginning of the smoke really dropped
off and what was left at the end was just that dark cocoa know and that pine
smoke but kind of the brightness was gone it’s just kind of more of that a
deep smoke at that point so there we go thanks for watching my review of a
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