Beverly C. – Father Died of Lung Cancer |

My father worked at the railroad,
and he worked for the U.S. Pipe and he was diagnosed with…
they called it asbestosis. And he started having tests and then, when he went to
his medical doctor in his later years, that’s when we found out that he had lung cancer. He worked there, to the railroad, he was like mechanic,
injured like they do the all, then the changing of the train, so he was exposed to a lot of chemical. He started coughing and we started taking him
to the doctor and, you know parents,
older parents, they don’t want to go
and see bad health, so when we took him to the doctor and we noticed
a lot of things was going on, coughing a lot,
spitting up, so that’s when the doctor
diagnosed, you know… and let us know what was going on. They wanted to give him chemo,
but it was too late, so they just sent him home
and told us that we had like maybe… they said three months,
but he died within a week. Please go to the doctor,
get checked and make sure that your family
knows what’s going on.