Bringing 1916 to 2016: Turtle Soup, Squab, and Cigarettes

Wow. There’s a lot of words that I don’t know like
Penobscot. Roast jumbo squab? I would eat most of this. Wait. Sweetbreads
are, like, not breads, right? And what is clear green turtle? At that point, you know, turtles were one
of the delicacies that people had in soup or stew We no longer serve it but it would’ve been
much more common 100 years ago to see it on a menu. I mean people eat snails and frogs so why not turtles? Mock Turtle! Wait, is that like, fake turtle,
like something that’s trying to be turtle? I guess. Mock Turtle is actually not really turtle
soup. Because the green snapping turtle was much more expensive and more of a delicacy, they’re using either calf’s brain or calf’s foot to make it. What brains? It looks the same but it’s going to be
a different consistency, less expensive. What is roast jumbo squab? That’s a type of bird, right?
Yeah, squab’s a bird. Squab is pigeon. Oh! For pigeon. Really! Having seen too many pigeons on the Boston Common, I’m not sure many of us would be as interested in squab these days. I feel like pigeon might be rough. But I believe it still can be a delicacy. Interesting cigarettes and cigars…
Yeah the cigarettes [laughter] Cigars and cigarettes show up on the menu for the Telephone Banquet and they were considered part of what one did at banquet or at a meal. You have, like, your certain time
that you take a smoke and your certain time that you
take a different kind of smoke. There probably would’ve been a waiter
carrying a humidor of some sort or there possibly were cigarettes handed out in some way, at the tables. You just open ‘em up. Like, between courses
or whatever. Or, like, for dessert. There’s a sentence in a description about
the Telephone Banquet about the cigarettes that 9 o’clock people lit up their cigarettes
and started smoking. So they were smoking in Symphony Hall. [laughing] It sounds actually like a pretty good menu. I mean I feel like they’re proud of these
things. Like, this is a nice menu.