Burial Insurance with Asthma

If you have asthma and die tomorrow, would your loved ones be
burdened with the cost of your funeral and other final expenses? We specialize in helping
people with asthma get same day approval over the telephone with no medical exams and
no two year waiting period. That’s right. We specialize in plans that pay
out from the very first day, no matter how or when you die. How incredible would it
be for your loved ones to have one last amazing
memory to remember you by? That’s exactly what people
ages 50 to 85 years old, who are on a fixed budget,
all across America are doing. They’re burying permanent life insurance to protect their loved ones
from these devastating burial, cremation and other end
of life final expenses. The cost of a funeral can
be over $10,000 right now and a cremation ceremony
can be up to $5000 and social security, it only
pays up to $255 of that, if anything at all. Even if you have money set aside for your burial or cremation, most seniors see their savings accounts drained as they get
older due to poor health, increasing medical bills or inflation. We can help you find an
affordable and permanent solution with rates that are locked in for life. So let us help you before it’s too late. We’ll compare all the state
approved burial insurance plans that will accept your asthma and we’ll get you the best pricing. So take 20 seconds to see how inexpensive this burial insurance can be. Fill out the free quote box
if you’re on our website or click the link below
if you’re on YouTube. You deserve the lowest
pricing so click right now.