Busted by my son & World’s most expensive cigarette!

(upbeat music) Eric Nelson. Good morning sir. Good morning Your Honor. Mr. Nelson, You’re charged with going through a red light on Paddington Way and Frank Ship Street. That is the service route to 95. Okay. Who’s this with you? This is my son Wyatt. How old are you? Four. Four? You look like a pretty smart guy. Okay, I’m gonna have you watch the video. Watch the video, okay? We’re gonna watch the video. The light is red and there goes the car. (Wyatt giggles) (spectators laugh) Did he go through the red light? He went through a red light again today. (spectators laugh) He said, “He went through the red light again today.” Does he speed too? Yeah! He speeds? Mr Nelson you’re raising a future, I’m not sure what, but what ever he does in life he’s going to be successful. Well thank you very much Your Honor. He has high morals and he is an honest your man. So Danny what to you think about this? Your Honor I’m gonna to stick with my co-partner here. He’s guilty and I’m gonna charge him for the next light he that he said he rode too. We will get the ticket book and write daddy up for that. Yeah. You might get left here. We can just keep writing more tickets for him, that’s all, it’ll take some time. (Judge laughs) The court is going to impose a $35 court cost on this matter. Good luck to you sir. Thank you, Your Honor. While we all love our children and grandchildren, do not make the mistake of trying to make them your partner in crime. Or you’ll pay a steep price like Mr. Nelson just did. He went through a red light again today. (spectators laughs) It’s a fact, if given a chance, kids will rat you out every time. Just the other day my grandson, Charlie, and I went to the zoo, looking at one of our favorite animals, the wolf. Yet being the mature adult that I am, I decided to howl like one. (howls loudly) And I’d be dunned if that wolf didn’t howl right back. So I howled again. (howls loudly) And Wolfie howls back again, this goes on and on. A crowd gathers, they love it. I love it. Wolfie loves it. Charlie loves it. Then some freaking zoo Nazi shows up, all out and bothered. Asks, “Who’s been howling?’ I go silent. Eyes firmly fixed on my shoes. And then I hear Charlie say, “Papa doed it.” Busted! Banned from the zoo for a year. Not such a bad thing, actually, but lesson learnt. Love the hack out of your kids, but don’t trust them. Pro tip, no charge. Thomas Hall. Good morning, sir. (Thomas laughs) Inspector Quin, I’m gonna need some help on this. We’re gonna — (Thomas laughs) very egregious offense, so just wanna make sure you’re prepared. Wait, let me get tugged in. All right, here we go. All right, I’m ready for the decision. Do you have all your weapons — Ready.
With you? Ready. Make sure (laughter drowns out Judge) We’re got the back up, okay. We’re ready now Judge. Okay, Mr. Hall was charged, with smoking a cigarette in Kennedy Plaza. Does he qualify as being dangerous? More than you know judge, more than you know. Only if you don’t give the cigarette. That’s right. All right, so Inspector Quin, as the Prosecuting Officer, I ask you, does the city have the evidence? Do they have the cigarette? (Thomas laughs) Your Honor, you know what, you question that, them officers down there are probably do have that, in a bag, in the evidence room. Really? No, of course not. (spectators laughs) We do the alcohol, we seize the alcohol. I don’t think anyone has ever seized a cigarette bud, Your Honor, but, that way we’ll just have to rely on the testimony of the officer. Sometimes people pick them up and smoke them. Yeah, they finish them, sure. (Judge laughs) Maybe he got lucky, maybe someone finished it, we lost the evidence. I don’t mean to– Maybe we can trash the case. Bring him back, ask for the evidence when you come back Mr. Hall. I don’t mean to make (mumbles) , but it’s a tough offense. All right Mr. Haul, did you know you couldn’t smoke in Kennedy Plaza? Did you know that? Well, I was coming out of City Hall, and that’s where I was smoking. Well, they drove you to (mumbles) smoking. And he gave me the ticket, but then he said, “You can smoke in front of City Hall.” They said you can’t smoke in Kennedy Plaza, I was in front of City Hall, when he gave me the ticket. Were you smoking a cigarette, cigar? A cigarette, [Judge} Cigarette. I was going to ask was it one of the funny ones. No, no. You didn’t buy at Massachusetts, did you, then bring it here? You didn’t roll it? No. That’s another charge transferred on across state lines, Judge he won’t admit to that. All right, so you went to City Hall, you lit up on the way out. Then as soon as you lit, right? Police Officers swooped in. He jumped out of the car. Hands behind your back, put the cuffs on you, two clinks over the head. Inspector Quinn, you’re the Prosecuting Officer, what’s your recommendation? Your Honor, I don’t believe Mr. Hall has had any other violations for this year, so the city will move for a dismissal with a warning. You’re warned. Thank you. (laughs) Inspector Quin believes, he actually believes, that he warned you for smoking, and you’re gonna quit smoking. Inspector Quin, if you can get people to quit smoking, by warning them. I see ads all over television. People have spent their millions and millions of dollars, a cure to quit smoking, right. And they can’t quit. You are gonna stop him from smoking by giving him a warning. It’s a gift Judge. You are warned! Thank you. Judge, it’s a gift I have, it works. One more cigarette and you’re in deep deep trouble. Judge the minute he works out of the building, we’ll watch on the tape, it will be like — He’s going to light up. Yeah, I do need it one right now. Thank you. All right, good luck to you. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into Caught In Providence every week day. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught In Providence is also a TV show? Wow, your life just got substantially better! To find out what channel we’re on, go to caughtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, stroll down til you find your home town, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it. Nice. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge. Subscribe now.