CAO Consigliere Cigar Review: A Cigar You Can’t Refuse

Hello my friends, this is Nick Libretti for JRCIGARS.COM Today I have a cigar that you can’t refuse. This is the CAO Consigliere. Not con-sig-a-li-glary, Consigliere. What is the Consigliere? It’s an advisor, it’s a… it’s a, a wise man in a Mafia family or La Cosa Nostra, and he advises the boss in a calm demeanor usually doesn’t isn’t too angry it’s it’s but he’s very wise need a lot of passion for the job. Which is what I think this is an aptly named cigar because it’s very powerful, its got a lot of power to it, but it’s still smooth and subtle. Its not like in-your-face but it, because of its blend it uses Colombian and Honduran and Nicaragua tobacco’s. It has the dark Brazilian wrapper on it which is really oily and spicy. So it has a really complex profile to it but, it’s still smooth, there’s no harshness to it. Its calm, its inviting. Which is exactly what the Consigliere would do in such a situation. It’s named after obviously a member of a mafia or a crime family. All the sizes too, you have the Soldier, and you have the Associate. Its a big, a big torpedo it’s like the big boss, Ayyy (semi-Italian gibberish) What cha gonna do? So… its a new take, on a very favorite blend of CAO, a personal favorite blend from CAO, and i’m glad they brought it back. Very cool design on it, but most of all its an outstanding cigar. It’s really good, just top-of-the-line. For a full-flavored smoke, you can find none better. So hey! Take some time… sit down, get a little espresso, maybe a Canoli ehh? Light up a CAO Consigliere Be a man!