Caring for the person submitted to aerosol therapy – Scenario running (PT)

Good afternoon, Mrs. Marisa.
Hello Nurse So? Tell me what’s going on with you. Have you been talking to the doctor? There! Lots of pains!! here on the right side and … and this shortness of breath! …
And this lack of air .. This is complicated today! This today … MrsMarisa, that lack of air, has begun since here … Has not yet improved? Improve a little! … then it gets worse!
I just think how I’m going home! Then Mrs Marisa … I was just talking to the doctor and he prescribed you a medicine. I’ll explain how it works for you to feel comfortable, okay? But is that to put in the face?
That’s what you put in the face! Oh Nurse! We need to talk! And let’s talk! Mrs. Marisa
Yeah … on … on … Do you know how I feel about this ?! Look, I’m already feeling worse again. I know … you already told me that you feel uncomfortable with this mask! That adds to the shortness of breath! You will see. Let’s make an experiment here, slowly. Go breathing calmly … I’ll be here with you.
Stay here? I’ll stay here with you. That is to see if it gets comfortable. It’s not too long … There! That at home, that was very bad, very bad!
Were you alone, Mrs. Marisa? I did everything as they told me, Nurse! But you were alone?
I did it alone! But I did everything as I was told!
I now make you … And that … ò … it hurt me here! Even made a wound… See you! Maybe it was too tight! We will try. We will try! Yeah … but then it came out the sides!
So, let’s try it? Can be? Yes!
So let’s go! Today … a lot of material came
Came! Yes! But it will not be too much to use on you! Do not worry!
Ah! Look, what about this pain? This is normal? Do you feel the pain when you breathe in? Does it worsen with the breath? ‘
And is! When I breathe in it’s like this … until it costs. I can not fill my lungs as it should be! It’s normal to have a little more pain, especially when you try to breathe. When you force it, it’s normal to have a little more pain. But with this mask, and with the medicine that I am going to put …
And what is this medicine? What does this medicine do? This medicine will make your airway open. In a very simple way, that’s what I’m going to explain to you. It makes your airway open and makes the air get better, makes you breathe and will see that it will help. So I’m going to have to do this for the rest of my life? It’s because I’m 60 years old, I’m a young woman. No, no, Mrs. Marisa, do not worry.
I still work nurse lady. I know … I know … You told me, we talked about it at the beginning. But as I told you, let’s do it now to improve. After you get better you go home and you do not have to do any of this. Ok? So I go home without medication?
This will have to be talked with the doctor later. This mask that is going to be with you, I’m going to put the medicine inside, and then I’ll turn on the oxygen. So it’s going to be tight here, is not it? It will not be too tight to hurt you, okay? I’m going to stay here with you. If it hurts, we’ll readjust. And I’m going to do this medicine how many times a day? Will do now, to improve. If it gets worse then you have to do it again, okay? And how much longer, more or less?
About 10 to 15 minutes. I’ll stay with you during this time, and it’s only 10 to 15 minutes. Thank you, thank you for staying here. You see why I have this whole fear, do not you see? Of course! Yes! I do understand!
It’s just that this went really bad at home … I do understand! That’s why I want to stay with you to see if this fear … … it’s gone! Thank you, thank you. Thank you. So, do you know more or less when it’s planned? … me leaving? Now let’s think first … about improving your situation. And then we can see, can it be? Oh! … I find it so hard to be here!
I know, we do not like these places very much, but it’s really important that you are here.
I have my whole life out there, work, home … You know that I have some little dogs and cats that showed up to me there … Now there’s a neighbor of mine to take care of them, is not it? And go there …
Do you think it’s wrong for me to have animals at home because of this breathing? Do you have any allergies … to any… Anything?
No, no Ready, Mrs. Marisa. Now I’m going to connect here … I’ll put … the mask, okay? You will feel a kind of cloud around your nose, and you will have … It irritates a lot when it comes to the eyes! … because it sometimes goes out like this! … I know I know. But let’s try to adjust it so that it does not go to your eyes, okay? Alright !! … Alright … alright …
This pain, this pain … Ready… Let’s adjust here … That’s it! Do you feel here? Put your hand first to feel. You fell? Yes! yea.
That’s the impression you’re going to feel, okay? Excuse!
I’ll put… …like this… Let’s put it here … and now … I’m going to ask you to mainly breathe through your mouth, okay? Let’s do this way …slowly…
I’m going to sit here with you… Are you feeling any impression? No?
He’s not really coming out here. It is not going to your eyes and it is not hurting. Are you calm… quiet?