CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Beatrice: “I Told Everyone I Stopped Smoking”

It was hard for me to quit. It was hard for me —
I tried several times to quit, and it is going to be
a hard thing to do. It’s, um, you just have to have
a lot of support and try to take yourself
out of certain situations that made you smoke
for instance, I used to go out drinking
with my friends. I stopped doing that
for a couple of months. Like, my favorite time to smoke was when I would drop
my son off at school. Then I would just get in my car, and I’d roll down a window
and start smoking, ’cause he was out of the car. But — so I decided
to break that habit. I would either wait
until I got to work to smoke, or I’d have a straw handy
and pretend like I was smoking. And I would just —
it’s mostly a mind game. Like, you really
have to break the habit, and then you work
on the addiction. Quitting is hard.
You just have to really want it. You really want to —
you have to really want to quit, and hopefully
you won’t be too late. I think that if you need help,
you should get help. I did. So I think you just
have to stick to it and create a plan and a goal,
and just stick to it. My goal was to tell everybody
that I’d quit smoking, so that whenever
anybody saw me smoking, they’d be like,
“Oh, I thought you quit.” And I’d get hell for that.