CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Rebecca: Vicious Cycle

(Rebecca) The depression was burying me and making me a
person I didn’t like. As anyone knows
who has smoked and has had the addiction, you feel so powerless
to control them. and I would smoke more
to not be depressed, and then be more depressed
because I was smoking. And that was just a vicious, vicious cycle. You have to get past those; I call them
“cigarette moments.” You have moments in your
life that cause you to run to that old
habit of smoking. Thinking it’s going
to satisfy the need that you have for relief
from depression, relief from agonizing
situation in your life. And it doesn’t. It’s about taking
control of your life. Taking control of where you
want to be in your life. And not letting cigarettes control who you are. Most people who smoke have no idea what the
non-smoking world is like. And it’s a
beautiful place to be.