Chicken Wing Recipe – Direct Smoking Method – Big Green Egg – BBQFOOD4U

welcome to barbecue food for you the backyard barbecue show I’m Jason King today I’m going to be showing everyone how to do the direct smoking method on your Quemado style cooker let’s get started just a warning if you’re cooking using this method your neighbors will flock over to try and get some food to get this recipe together start with three pounds of fresh chicken wings two-thirds of a cup of peanut oil and seasoning this is two tablespoons kosher salt and black pepper and a couple chunks of hickory wood for a little bit of smoke take each chicken wing had a dry with paper towel this will help to get a nice crispy skin and place it in the bowl with the wings patted dry add the peanut oil to the bowl give it a good mix trying to get everything nice and coated add two tablespoons at the salt and pepper mixture mixing everything around and we’ll cover it up place it in the fridge and go get barbecue let once the charcoal in the chimneys lit pour it right on to the tomahto cooker take a tool and spread it around so it’s all nice and even now here’s the trick for cooking the direct smoking method these are fireplace pricks you can usually find them at most big box stores for around four dollars take the fireplace bricks just stand them up leaving about a quarter inch on each edge place the great right on top so it’s nice and centered you shut the lid a little bit ahead of myself toss on a couple chunks of wood for a little bit of smoke and we’ll get those wings on place them skin side up for the first 20 minutes we’ll get these all on we’ll be right back shut the lid let the magic happen cooking at 350 degrees we’ll check on them in 20 minutes Wheaton’s have been cooking for 20 minutes let’s crack it open and take a peek look absolutely fabulous quickly give them a flip as fast as you can so the temperature is not spike and we’ll shut the lid let them cook for another 20 minutes so what’s so great about this method for cooking chicken it’s easy the fat is dripping from the skin onto that hot charcoal and vaporizing adding a delicious flavor now this can also be done on your bullet style smokers like your weber smokey mountain and the pull an apollo just remove the water pan and get a nice bed of hot charcoal let after a total cook time around 45 minutes let’s take a peek wings are looking good check those out let’s get them off the barbecue nice smoky wings hot off the barbecue nice crisp skin still nice and juicy on the inside let’s take a bite perfect chicken wings hot off the BBQ using the direct smoking method on the Komodo style cooker it’s absolutely delicious crispy skin smoky flavor you can top with any type of sauce that you like to taste it’s easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try