Chinese health authorities admit COVID-19 can be transmitted through aerosol

making a big u-turn on its previous
announcement that there was no evidence to suggest aerosol transmission was
possible chinese health authorities admit it for the first time on Wednesday
that covent 19 can spread through the air her kim kiyul son with more chinese
health authorities have admitted that aerosol infection could be one possible
transmission route of the new Karuna virus China’s National Health and Family
Planning Commission unveiled new guidelines for diagnosing and treating
patients on Wednesday adding the virus can spread through air it went on to say
that the virus can be passed on through aerosol transmission if a person is
exposed to high concentrations of droplets in the air in a relatively
closed environment for a long time China’s leading respiratory expert
strongman Stan who rose to fame after combating the 2003 SARS epidemic also
said the virus can be spread through communal sewage systems overseas experts
and I agree that people do not get infected by eating food with the virus
but by breathing in aerosol from contaminated feces which still has virus
in try condition so hospitals should also pay attention to this problem he
said a smooth sewage flow and drainage systems is critical to reducing the
number of infections last week around 100 residents were evacuated from an
apartment block in Hong Kong over fears the corona virus may have been
transmitted via the building’s piping system this came after two residents
living on different floors but on the same vertical block of the apartment
became infected with Kovac 19 this immediately drew comparisons to the 2003
SARS outbreak when there were over 300 infections and 42 deaths at an apartment
complex in Hong Kong as defective plumbing allowed SARS to
spread through the building kinnison arirang news