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A question I wish people would ask me more
often would be “Can NUCCA Chiropractic help with more than just back pain?”. Most people
relate chiropractic to back pain and neck pain. The answer is YES! We see that quite
often here in the office. For instance, a lot of parents will bring
their kids in. Here’s an example of a little girl we are seeing. We were helping her parents,
and in time we checked the little girl as well. In conversation with the parents, they
revealed how all the kids had ear infections and had tubes put in to relieve the earaches.
Their youngest was just born, only a few months old when we started checking her. She is almost
a year now, and she is the only one of the children that didn’t have an ear infection
during the first year of life. It’s really an amazing thing for that little girl if you
think about it. To make it more meaningful, she had only been adjusted twice.
Another thing we see with children is asthma. The nerves that come out of the middle of
the back go to the lungs and they control the airways, where the air moves in and out.
If those nerves are being irritated, the lungs malfunction and the air can’t move in and
out like it should. That creates asthma type situations. We’ll see a lot of children, as
well as adults, that once adjusted are able to decrease their medications and lessen their
dependency on the use of inhalers because their lungs are working properly. We have
taken the irritation away from the nerves controlling the breathing allowing the body
to work properly. We had another case with another person that
came in because of his neck pain. In passing conversation, he was telling me about taking
Prevacid or some other antacid every single day just to help deal with constant indigestion.
As we worked with him in our process, getting further and further along, he started noticing
that he could eat more. He stated he wasn’t feeling full after a few mouthfuls of food,
and that he was having better bowel movements as well. That was an interesting result, the
first one I personally saw of this nature. But it makes sense to me. Whenever we remove
the irritation from the nervous system, and allow the body to work properly, amazing things