Chopped After Hours: Chocolate Obsession | Food Network

[music playing] [inaudible] Back to work, back to work. Everybody say [inaudible]! [inaudible]! All right. [inaudible] After chopping
three competitors and naming one champ, we
don’t always shut down shop. Sometimes we let the
judges cook after hours. OK. Great job, Ted. [interposing voices] TED ALLEN: Loads of fun. Thank you very much. Look who’s here! Oh, and it’s Scott. Oh! What a great night. Maneet, Scott, Amanda,
how you feeling? Feeling good. Not that you need
one, but you’re about to get a mood boost
from that beloved vice we call chocolate. This is the dessert basket
of our special chocolate competition. So in this dessert
basket, dark chocolate seaweed candy bar,
pistachio cream, apricots, and a decadence cake. What could you make with that? A mess. TED ALLEN: I thought so. Amanda, I know how much
you love chocolate. AMANDA FREITAG: I can’t wait
to get my hands on that cake. Chocolate, chocolate,
inside of here is chocolate, and then there’s some chocolate. I’m happy about this. Yeah, I can tell.
I can tell. AMANDA FREITAG: I don’t usually
have seaweed in my chocolate, so this is going to be
a challenge, for sure. Pistachio cream’s a
coveted ingredient. This stuff is delicious. This comes from Sicily,
where some of the best pistachios in the world. MANEET CHAUHAN: It’s just
got a hint of sweetness. It’s just absolutely amazing. SCOTT CONANT: It’s
really beautiful. Can we get to work, please? I’m so excited about this. All right, 30 minutes to make
your chocolate masterpieces. Clock starts now! OK! TED ALLEN: Whoa! [laughter] [scream] Oh my god! Let’s do this. AMANDA FREITAG: Wait, I get
to use a whole table, right? MANEET CHAUHAN: Whoops. Whoopsie, sorry! OK. So I am going to try
to make a baked Alaska. SCOTT CONANT: Oh,
ambitious, chef. MANEET CHAUHAN: I know. So baked Alaska is ice cream
topped with some meringue, and then I’m going to
torch it and flambe it. Ta da! I’m going to make an
ice cream right now. I’m putting the
pistachio cream in it. I’m going to make a coulis
out of the apricots. Fingers crossed. All right, ready? Here’s what I’m going to do. I am going to make
an apricot clafoutis with a chocolate
olive oil mousse and a pistachio schlagsahne. Eh? Schlagsahne. So clafoutis is a
very simple cake. Can’t remember the
freaking recipe. Here. MANEET CHAUHAN: Flour, eggs. Coming through. I’ll be out soon. [music playing] I’m making Ice cream sandwich. This is the sandwich,
that is ice cream, and then I’m making
a white chocolate apricot sauce on the bottom. Hey Amanda, so how much
do you like chocolate? There’s a few things in
life that make me happy, and chocolate is one of them. I just want to make
sure you have enough, so I brought you a little present. [laughter] An 11-pound chocolate bar! Oh my god, this is
the best day of my life! All right? [laughter] It’s all mine. It’s mine, all mine! [laughter] [music playing] SCOTT CONANT: I got
some apricots in here. I’m going to just put a
little sugar on and melt them. I’m going to add the
clafoutis, and then pop them right in the oven. I’m going to add a little
olive oil for flavor. And it’s a little unorthodox. These fresh apricots
are stunningly beautiful. AMANDA FREITAG: OK. SCOTT CONANT: Behind you. All right. Maneet need is
making an ice cream, but Amanda also is
making an ice cream. So hopefully Maneet will
get out of Amanda’s way. AMANDA FREITAG: Maneet, hurry! TED ALLEN: You could like throw
an onion or piece of garlic in there or something. Wouldn’t that be nice? That’s what I’ll do right now. Coming through. AMANDA FREITAG: You’re out? MANEET CHAUHAN: Yep. Okey doke. All right, ladies
and gentlemen, I’ve been invited to join
the crew with choco-cam. Here we go. How’s that? SCOTT CONANT: Whoa! All right, you’re
looking beautiful, baby! He bit my lens
off! really, dude? All right, Amanda,
choco-Steadicam! Look, I’m Phil
Martinez, check it out! Here we go. Check it out. DIRECTOR: Focus, focus, Ted. I am focus– I can’t. Scot bit the focus ring off. [laughter] [music playing] Oh, hi. I’m doing my favorite thing. I get so excited
when contestants come over here and make ice cream. So I’m going to do it. Oh my god, it’s
like we’re dancing. It’s like a ballet. Magnificent. AMANDA FREITAG: Oops. My favorite part about making
dessert is making a mess. Hurrah. I’m going around you,
going around you. Don’t worry about
Juan, he’s good. MANEET CHAUHAN: So what I’m
doing at the present moment is I’m putting the meringue
around the chocolate base and the ice cream. OK, I’m done. MANEET CHAUHAN: Excuse me. SCOTT CONANT: Behind you, chef. Oh, yes! That’s what’s
burning, my cookies. Yes! I like it! Behind you. So glad that wasn’t
my dessert burning. It’s not burning. It’s called caramelizing. [laughter] TED ALLEN: And chefs,
You’ve got to get this done in two minutes. Coming through, right behind. Whoa, there goes Maneet. That looks like a baked
Taj Mahal, Maneet. SCOTT CONANT: Maneet,
that looks amazing. Thank you. Oh my god, look at that! AMANDA FREITAG:
It’s ice cream time! [music playing] You know, watching
you work like this is making me so tired. [laughter] TED ALLEN: All right,
chefs, here we go. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one. Time’s up, please step it back. [applause] TED ALLEN: Oh, no, no, no, ew! Chocolate! Chocolate! TED ALLEN: Do it again. All right. MANEET CHAUHAN: Thank you. TED ALLEN: You guys had to
work with dark chocolate seaweed candy bar,
pistachio cream, apricots, and a decadence cake. Amanda, what do we have? OK, I made an ice cream
sandwich with pistachio ice cream, seaweed
candy bar crumble, and I made a white
chocolate apricot sauce. SCOTT CONANT: That is amazing. MANEET CHAUHAN: Oh, wow. There’s a salty element
because of that seaweed. MANEET CHAUHAN: I was
apprehensive about that basket ingredient, but you can get it
and it’s absolutely beautiful. And apricot and white chocolate,
it’s a delicious combination. SCOTT CONANT: I mean,
you get all the flavors. I mean, the pistachio is
pronounced but subtle. The chocolate is evident
throughout the entire dish. TED ALLEN: There’s so many
layers of chocolate flavor. I think I use every
form of chocolate. I’m not kidding. MANEET CHAUHAN: Oh my god. TED ALLEN: All right,
Scott, what’s us? SCOTT CONANT: So this
is an apricot clafoutis on the bottom, a pistachio
cream, and an olive oil chocolate mousse. TED ALLEN: Wow. AMANDA FREITAG: That
clafoutis is amazing. TED ALLEN: Just the cream
and the clafoutis is so you. AMANDA FREITAG: Right. Because your food is
often very delicate. Much like the man himself. Paradoxically, yes. To me, putting the
toasted pistachios on top just makes it the perfect
bite with the texture, with the flavors,
absolutely amazing. AMANDA FREITAG: And then
the chocolate olive oil is fantastic, and
you’re just getting those little flecks of
the seaweed in there, which keeps it interesting. SCOTT CONANT: Texture
in that, right? AMANDA FREITAG:
Yeah, because we love to put salt in our desserts. So nice. TED ALLEN: OK, Maneet,
you got to tell us about this beautiful creation. MANEET CHAUHAN: Baked Alaska. I used the decadent
chocolate cake as the base, topped it up with
pistachio cream seaweed chocolate ice cream. And then I made
an apricot coulis. SCOTT CONANT: Great job. TED ALLEN: Look at that. I love how the sugar
factor is tamped down, it’s not overbearing. I love your apricot
sauce with the basil. I love how golden it is. It makes me think of you. That is true, like this
is colorful, it’s ornate, it’s all the things
that you are. SCOTT CONANT: A beautiful,
shiny, golden aura, just like you.
– Oh. Beautiful. That eat really well, also. It’s really strung
together perfectly. Well, of course, you three
have done chocolate right. Thank you, so good. Thank you. If you keep watching
these, we’ll keep making them and posting them