Cigar 101 | Choosing Your First Cigar | LeeMack912

Good afternoon my cigar smoking family. Welcome to cigar101. This series is not for the aficionados who know everything there is to know about cigar-smoking this is for the
newbie, the guy says I’ve always thought about, the woman who said I would like
to smoke a cigar with my husband or the boys or the people on the job but I
don’t really know too much about what to do and I dont want to look stupid, therefore I don’t. But we want you to come and join us. We want you to become a part of the family and I want you to be educated before you get there. I am going to help you pick out one of your first cigars so that you can make it a nice experience I am going to show you how to cut it, I am going to show you how to light it, I am going to show you how to smoke it so that you wont get sick. That’s it family. I will also show you some acessories and show you a few of the things that you need to know The first thing you need to know family is when you walk into the cigar
shop or somebody offers you some cigars You will have a selection to choose from. You look at the selection of cigars and don’t know what to smoke Maybe since I’m new, I should smoke the smallest one. That way I can get it over quickly. Maybe I should smoke the thin one. This one is called a panatella. If you order a sampler more
than likely more than what they sent you were robustos. They are 5 x 50. five inches long and 50/64″ in diameter. The diameter is measure in fractions of 64ths. Here’s something that looks like a Toro. A Toro is a little bit bit longer then we have Then we have these “fat boys”. This is a 6 x 60. 6 inches long and 60/64″ inches in diameter. Family let me give you some advice on what you should pick as your first cigar. You should not pick a short cigar The shorter the cigar, the closer the burning end is too your mouth Look at this Nub brand cigar. Look at how closely the flame will be to my mouth. When I light it, it is right there. When that hot part is near your mouth The cigar will heat up quickly and make for an unpleasant experience The same is true of short thin cigars the same thing is true with little thin cigars. If you are gonna pick a thin cigar, I would definitely pick a longer one. Here’s what I suggest you…’m gonna say that you want to look for something
about this size. This is a Toro size. This one is five and a half inches long and
ring gauge is around 54. When we talk about ring gauges (charts are available online) … you’ll see that they go from the small size
(30 ring gauge) to the larger sizes (60 ring gauge) The industry now has 70 and 80 ring gauge cigars They are all based on fractions of
this number right near 64 If you get bigger a 64 it’s fatter. If it gets smaller than a 64, its thinner. If you pick up something like this which is as thick as my thumb whereas something like ths Monte Cristo is a
little bit fatter so I would stick with something like a Toro.You can ask
for Toro. Now you have your cigar picked out. I went into my yard cigar bag for this demonstration. I am choosing a Cuba Libre cigar for this demonstration. This cigar is 7 inches long by 50/64 or 50/64 ring gauge . She’s at Churchill Alright now that you got your first
cigar picked out the one thing I forgot to tell you
is that you might want to ask for or select a mild or medium bodied cigar. For the first time, try to go with something on the mild side. I
know that you are a manly man or a womanly woman but this is your first time and you might want to take it easy on yourself. You can always step up in strength. It’s kind of tough to go backwards. If you start out with a very strong cigar you might
decide you don’t like this whole thing so why do that. Start with something
that’s kind of mild. Ask around to different people who will tell you what
a good mild or medium bodied cigar is Stay tuned. our next video in the
series will teach you how to cut and light your cigar. We will be back. Join us for the next one