Cigar 101 – How to Taste a Cigar Body, Strength and Flavor Explained – Cigars International

Cigar 101: How to Taste a Cigar Body Strength and Flavor Explained. Probably the single most debated myth in the Cigar Industry is do body, strength and flavor all mean the same exact thing. As a matter of fact this couldn’t be further from the truth, but they do however use the same exact descriptive terms: mellow Medium, and Full. So it can definitely get confusing. The body of a cigar determines the density of the smoke. The thicker the smoke, the more we can taste across our pallet. A mellow bodied cigar would be considered light on the pallet and would be comparable to a light beer. Conversely, a full bodied cigar would be similar to a single malt scotch. The strength of a cigar strictly refers to the nicotine content and the effect that it has on your body. Cigar strength is a relative term because we all react differently to nicotine according to our tolerances. A cigar that is classified as having mellow strength, shouldn’t effect your body too much provided you enjoy it as intended. Stronger cigars however may reveal a slight nicotine buzz that will give you that tightened sense of exhilaration that we all crave. The flavor refers to the nuances one gets from the cigar. Like leather, earthiness, nuttiness etc. The more fuller in flavor, the more nuances you’ll pick up. Enjoying a cigar is a subjective experience. What I find to be an incredibly tasting cigar may not necessarily be your cup of tea. Unlike the nuances in a cigar however, everyone should have a fairly similar experience when it comes to balance. Your tongues taste regions are broken out into four sections: Bitter, Sour, Salty, and Sweet. If a cigar is truly balanced, no one taste sensation should over power the other. If you’re not getting a specific taste, pay close attention to what part of your tongue is reaction to the cigar This at the very least will be able to help you start to figure out what sensations you should be looking for. For more cigar 101, visit today!