Cigar Caddy 3240 10 Cigar Travel Humidor

Cigar Caddy 3240. This Cigar Caddy is made
out of durable ABS plastic. When you receive it, it might have this hang
tag this is used for retail display you can just simply snap it off and discard this piece
of plastic. It might also have a sticker on the back,
this is very easy to remove as well and you can discard that.
The back of this box has a piano hinge that runs the entire length, this is used to add
stability and durability when you open and close the box.
It also has a lanyard that’s easy to remove on the side so you can attach this to a bag
or your pants or wherever you need to. To open this case, simply flip open the latches.
These latches are designed to be removed if you ever need to replace them.
When you open up the box, on the top is a small round humidifier which you can fill
with water or activator solution. You’ll also notice this white piece that runs
all the way around the box, that is the O-ring and it matches with a piece of plastic on
the bottom to create a nice tight seal. This is the 10 cigar version which has a removable
piece of foam and on the bottom there’s a fixed piece of foam. You can store 5 cigars
comfortably and then you put this piece on top of those cigars and you can store another
5 cigars. When you close this case, and you lock it
down this will create a nice tight seal. This box is waterproof and also crush proof so
if you drop this in the water you’re not gonna risk losing your cigars. This is the Cigar
Caddy 3240 10 Cigar Travel Humidor