Cigar City Brewing Guayabera Citra Pale Ale Craft Beer Review

Are you looking for the next craft beer
well maybe Guayabera from Cigar City Brewing is the one for you Welcome back everybody so we are gonna
try Guayabera this is a Citra Pale Ale I did pop it because I screwed up on the
intro so this is my probably third fourth time having this obviously this is the
first review I’ve done on it I did have to buy this in a six pack I don’t think
I saw up there is a date canned on 3-29 18 and today is like the 20 or 4-26 4-27
something like that I don’t remember 5.5 percent ABV 42 IBUs again just like
on the last one I’m not sure if they change the can arts on everything when
they when the just distribution opened up but from untapped it is a different
like a label obviously when I do these I don’t watch any reviews on YouTube or
anywhere so I’m not sure but obviously this can work looks different than the
picture on untappd like I it looks like there’s a guy on there pretty cool can
it’s got just some it almost looks like hops some flowers and some animals on it
that are like itched into the can they’re the silver color of the can then
the outline or the filling color is like this green color no head I did have a
little bit of one but what I have left is white if we look at the color straw
yellow very clear I can see through the whole thing I do have some bubbles
coming up let’s go ahead and get a smell I’m gonna say like a dank kind of citrus
pine mixed it smells like there’s a ton of hops in this like Citra hops
obviously since it’s a Citra Pale Ale it’s it doesn’t have
that fruitiness it’s more of like a dank citrus pine with some malt coming
through there but that dank citrus pine do stick out more than anything else
let’s go ahead and get a taste from the taste I do get some citrus some
fruitiness in there a little bit of bitterness pine then after it goes down
like the aftertaste is like more of a sweet citrus kind of taste yeah you do
get some of that bitterness to me I would say it’s over 50 pushing 60 for
the bitterness even though it says it’s 42 it drinks more like a heavy
ibu beer than it does a lighter one 42 I would almost think it to me anyway is
light medium you know pushing medium and it feels heavier than that to me mouthfeel is medium but yeah that
bitterness bite in back does seem higher I do like it I would probably have to go
with a 4 out of 5 on this one it’s not for me anyway it’s not the same as Citra
IPA from Odd Side Ales I do like that one more but this is a nice refreshing hot
day mow your lawn beer with the ABV being 5.5 it’s one you can drink but it
does feel heavier than a 5.5 I would have almost said 6.5 to 7 because
of that bitterness and how heavy it is 14 of my friends have had this average 3.84 35,000 people have rated this
average 3.82 – some comments hoppy bitter and light I don’t think
this is a light beer I think it’s heavier than that and and that’s about
it somebody did give it a 4.25 saying they
do like the Citra if anything I would say the Citra is overdone a little too
much but again that’s my personal view on this beer and use if you like Citra
or like a lighter Pale Ale it’s definitely one to try but yeah overall
good beer so that’ll wrap it up for this review and until next time happy brewing