Cigar Humidor Beads

Cigar Humidor Beads These beads come in a half pound bag. And
they are perfect for when you want to accurately maintain your humidity leaves in you humidor.
Each bag will humidify up to 2.5 cubic feet of cigar space. When you get the bag you can
simply open it up and poor the beads into a container or a bowl whatever you want to
use. See they are round, they look like silica gel. When you get them dry put them in a little
shallow container and you are just going to get about half of the to three quarters of
them with distilled water. You can use a little spray gun or something of that nature. So
you want to get some of them saturate and then you simply put these inside your humidor.
What these will do is not only give off humidity but will also take in humidity. And they will
accurately maintain 68-72% humidity level inside your box. When you get the bag you
can use all of them, some of them whatever works for you. And the great part of these
beads is that they never go bad. you can use them indefinitely. These are the cigar humidor