Cigar Kampung Chicken | Mukbang [ENG SUB]

Hello everyone! My name is Huai Bin. We’re at Black Market, Main Place Shopping Mall today! Why are we here? I actually live here! Seriously! I live on the 16th floor. I just moved in yesterday and stayed the night here. I came down to the mall to check out the F&B offerings and saw they have 1 whole chicken. Yes, there’s a whole chicken below this cloche. It’s RM 48 for this Cigar Smoked Chicken. It’s not smoked with a real cigar though so there’s no nicotine or tar inside. Why am I eating a whole chicken? Well, that’s a funny story…wait, it’s not funny per se, it’s just something I want to share with you guys. I’m eating 1 whole chicken coz I’m going on this diet with Jesslyn. We agreed to fast for 1 week. Er…not fast, that’s the wrong word. We’re cutting calories! We’re also eating less sugar, less fat…see here, there’s no sugar in my coffee. I’ve actually cut sugar from drinks for a while now. Anyway, I was saying, we’re cutting calories, fat, sugar and carbs. I’m not eating rice or potatoes today, just a complimentary side salad. I’m just eating chicken for protein. 1 whole chicken! Can I eat an entire chicken? Let me see how big it is… This is the Cigar Smoked Ayam Kampung (RM 48). Yes, I can! I can definitely eat a chicken of this size. I wouldn’t be able to eat one of those huge ass chickens though. But I don’t think I’ll… (To the waiter) Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. I don’t think I’ll eat one whole chicken though. This is the only thing (protein) I can eat today! I won’t have anything to eat at night if I finish this chicken. I was quite diciplined last night – I only had salad and canned tuna. The tuna was in brine too, not oil. No dressing on the salad either! I was so good last night. I want to be even more diciplined today! Anyway, I was saying, Jessyln and I agreed to diet for 1 week. Carbs is the hardest part for me though…I like rice and potatoes. However, if we can do it, we can treat ourselves to a delicious dessert 1 week later! If you have a goal and someone to do it with, it becomes easier to achieve it! Wait, let me fix this chicken. There’s a burnt smell coming of it. Oh, it’s from the heating element. I was saying, it’s easier to have someone to do it with coz you have to someone to hold your word against you. I’m actually feeling guilty about eating this coz she did so well today on food and exercise. I shouldn’t let her down. If you have an exercise or diet buddy, it’ll be easier to reach your goals! Let’s start! This is how the chicken looks like. There’s utensils here but I think it’ll be easier to get in with my hands. It smells really good! This is healthier than I though. I imagined they’ll be gravy. Ouch! This is kinda hot. I want to eat 1/2 now and 1/2 later.
[Lies!] It’s always better to save your protein for after exercise coz your body can utilize it to the maximum potential! This is hot! This tastes pretty good. There’s dressing on the side – which we won’t touch! It’s too high in fat. Let’s just eat it as it is. Er…there’s actually dressing on the top too. I’m cheating slightly. Oh well. I didn’t tell them to put the dressing on the side coz I didn’t know they had a complimentary salad. My favorite parts of the chicken are the thighs and drums (legs). That’s the most delicious bits coz they’re higher in fat. The breast meat is the leanest…but it has the most protein. It’s bigger too. I want to keep both the breasts for dinner. I’ll eat the delicious parts first. There’s no elegant way to eat this. Hey wait, there are forks and knifes here. Haha. I just don’t want to use them. Using your hands makes the chicken taste more delicious! Maybe it’s coz I’m uncivilized. I’m eating the delicious parts first. There’s not as much meat as I originally thought. Excuse me. It’s very hot coz there’s a heating element here keeping things warm. There are bits of applewood chips inside for aroma too. Oh, I also drank a bit of my Americano just now coz it takes 20 minutes for them to prepare the chicken. The chicken is cooked to order! I feel like eating either potatoes or rice. Carbohydrate cravings! I was thinking…how do you eat items like this? You can’t scoop it up with a spoon and you can’t spear it with a fork. The vegetables are cut too small…how should I go about this? If you spear it…oh, you can get it with a fork, just not a lot. I like eating large amounts at once. Let’s do a lettuce taco! I want to wrap the small bits up so it’s easier to eat. Oh…I don’t think that’s possible. No. It’s not one large piece of lettuce. I wonder what people would think if they walked in and saw me eating like this. This is one thing about myself that I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. I just don’t care what other people think so I tend to do what I want. I was just thinking…what if after I finish, I ask them where the washroom is and they say: “It’s not inside!” I’ve actually eaten more than what I’m supposed to eat…but I want to eat 1 wing. My hands are too oily! I feel like I’m only eating skin here… I need to save 1 wing for tonight coz the breast is very lean, it’ll need help. I don’t have internet at home coz I forgot to switch my Time Broadband account. I’ll need to head to Starbucks later to get online. I wonder if I can stuff the entire thing into my mouth. I think so. I’ve already been so uncivilized, it doesn’t make a difference if I do this. It’s the chicken oyster! Oh I’ve eaten 1 chicken breast! There’s only one left. I’ll save this for tonight! I’m done! Well, there’s still 1 breast, 1 wing and 1 body skin left… I can finish everything but I want to save the protein for dinner tonight. It’ll be a lot better after my workout session. Thank you all for watching! Jesslyn, let’s do it! Bye!