Cigar Talk — A.J. Fernandez Enclave — Low Country Pipe & Cigar

Hadassah: Hi, I’m Hadassah Hallman. Chip: And I’m Chip Kushner. Hadassah: And we’re here at Low Country Pipe
and Cigar, reviewing the Enclave by A.J. Fernandez. Now I’m smoking the Robusto size and Chip
over here has the Figurado. Chip, what are you getting so far off the
first light? Chip: So far from the start of the cigar,
I’m certainly getting, you know, it’s kind of a nice, medium body. It is… I’m getting a little bit of chocolate, which
I’m really liking, a slight spiciness to it but not overwhelmingly so. So far just a really
nice cigar. I think I could probably just smoke this thing
all day. Hadassah: I’m definitely picking up on that
medium body as well, Chip. Mine hasn’t quite hit that full-bodied yet. One thing I do notice with the Cameroon binder,
it adds an extra spiciness to it. Cameroon wrappers and binders are very hard
to come by, so if you ever get a cigar that has those components, definitely a treat,
something that adds a different little component to this Enclave. Chip: Yeah, and this has that Ecuadorean Habano
wrapper, which really, I mean, just makes for A) a really pretty cigar starting out,
a little bit of oiliness to it but not overwhelmingly so, and just adds a really nice component
to the cigar. Hadassah: So far, it does seem to be burning
down evenly. Now, when I lit my Robusto, I noticed that
it had a foot on the cigar. I did like that. It burned very nicely. On the first light you definitely pick up
on that cocoa-chocolate-ness as well. Chip: Oh, definitely.
Hadassah: So I do like that about this cigar. Chip: And the Figurado, I’m actually, I like
a little smaller to narrow ring gauge, which is one reason I really dig this Figurado,
because it kind of tapers down so it just has a really good feel to it, really good
mouth feel when you’re smoking it. Hadassah: For sure. Now, Chip, now that I’ve gotten a little bit
further down the stick, some of the spiciness is kind of toned out a little bit for me and
I’m picking up more of the cedar-y notes that are coming from this cigar. What are you getting? Chip: I’m kind of getting a little bit of
the opposite. I’m finding that I get more spiciness as I get
down the stick. Hadassah: Really? Chip: Yeah, I mean, it’s burning really nicely
and it’s still a nice, even body, but I’m finding the strength and the spiciness are
actually picking up a bit on mine. Hadassah: And I am completely getting the
opposite. I am getting that medium tone still as well. It still really hasn’t hit full-bodied much
for me. Since I like the milder side of cigars, that
actually works for me and I like that about this Enclave. Ash is burning beautifully here, nice and
even. I will tell you folks, at the end of this
month, July the 26th from 4:00 to 7:00 here in-store, we will be having a A.J. Fernandez
event. Chip will be here along with Don Williams,
who is the rep for A.J. The cigar we will be tasting will be The Last
Call, so if you get a chance to come out and try it, definitely come and try that or the
Enclave. This is just a good cigar all around the board. Chip: Or the New World, I mean, A.J. Fernandez,
really, it’s a great stick across the board. Hadassah: That’s true. I have not tried an A.J. stick that I don’t
like. Thank you, folks, for being here with us today. Definitely stop by the store. Get an Enclave of your own and try it. Leave your comments, we’d like to know what
notes you pick up from it. Thanks for being here. Bye, guys. Chip: And happy puffing!