Cigar Talk — Ashton 5 Cigar Assortment — Low Country Pipe & Cigar

Hadassah: Hi, everybody. I’m Hadassah Hallman. Tim: I’m Tim Vanderpool with Ashton Cigars. Hadassah: And we are here smoking an Ashton
Classic. Tim, tell us a little bit about your product
here. Tim: This is the pillar of our brand. This was the first cigar we ever came out
with, and to this day, it’s still our bread and butter, and our number-one cigar. This is another one in the handcrafted line
that’s made for us by the Fuente family family in the Dominican Republic, using only
the finest of the Dominican tobaccos. Hadassah: Nice. Okay. So smoking this one down, I did get some pepper
notes of it, that definite Connecticut pepper-ness of it, which is very nice. But it is definitely a milder stick. Burning even throughout. This is a nice, even for being Connecticut,
it’s not too intense on flavor, which I like. Tim: Yeah, this is a great cigar with a lot
of transitions in it. Even though it is a three- to four-year aged
Dominican tobacco, it does tend to lead into a little bit of peppery notes to it, which
finishes off well on a retrohale. This is a cigar that a lot of people look
at as a morning cigar or breakfast cigar. But I think that’s very mis-noted. I think this cigar is great for any time of
the day, for any palate would be able to accept this cigar, whether you have a very sensitive,
mild palate, or you’re more towards a fuller-bodied … The mildness of the Dominican tobaccos
mixed with the peppery-ness of the age and everything like that’s going to be … This
is one for all ages. Hadassah: Right. Now what we do have in store now, we’ve got
the five-pack Ashton assortment. Of course, it comes with a Classic, but, also,
it does have some of the Cabinet and VSGs, which VSGs are some of my favorite cigars,
very, very good body on them. Now tell us about some of these that they
have there, Tim. Tim: So there’s five cigars represented. In this, you have the Ashton Classic, like
Hadassah said. You also have our Ashton Heritage, which is
going to have an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. You’re going to have the Maduro, which is
the mildest Maduro on the market, great with coffee, just like the classic in terms of
the peppery-ness and spiciness. You’ve got our Ashton Cabinet Pyramid in there,
which, that is a very, very peppery cigar, even though it is a mild, true Connecticut
shade. The tobaccos on that Cabinet have been aged
six to seven years. And you’ve also got our fuller-bodied cigar
in there, which is the VSG. All Dominican tobaccos. A little bit of something in there for everyone,
every palate, every profile. It makes for a great holiday gift. Hadassah: That, I definitely think … I do
like that it’s got that lighter two, more full-bodied, so, yes, definitely a pack that
a smoker that does like to kind of go all over from mild to full-bodied would definitely
enjoy. Like I said, that VSG, very, very good. One of my favorites. So, that one, you will be sure to love. Tim: And besides that, Hadassah, this is also
… Besides going from mild, medium, to full-bodied in terms of profile, that five-pack assortment
also gives you all shapes to try from. You’ve got a Torpedo in there, a Churchill,
a Toro, and a Robusto. So if you’re not sure what type of cigar or
what shape cigar someone might smoke, that’s going to be the perfect thing for them, because
they get to try all different shapes. Hadassah: For sure. Something for everybody. Well, Tim, I want to thank you for coming
in, hanging out with us today, smoking. Tim: My pleasure. Hadassah: We are going to finish off these
Ashton Classics for our afternoon. Thank you guys for joining us here. Tim, thank you once again. And we’ll see you next time. Happy holidays, guys. Tim: Happy holidays.