Cigar Talk — Drew Estate Undercrown Corona Viva — Low Country Pipe & Cigar

Hi, I’m Hadassah Hallman.
And I’m Shane Ireland.
And we’re here at Low Country Pipe & Cigar today reviewing Undercrown Corona Viva.
I think this is a pretty popular choice for all of us around here — all of us pipe guys around Low Country Pipe & Cigar and I’ve smoked a lot of these myself over the last couple years. And it’s just a really good, solid stick for anyone looking for; a lot of flavor; a big, luscious, silky mouthfeel; and a consistency from cigar to cigar too. So right off the bat, the initial light I get a lot of spice, a fair amount of pepper. I was even getting something a little fruity, maybe like prunes or raisins — some dried fruit like that. I think that it has the characteristic sort of Drew Estate/Lega Privada/ Undercrown like; big, huge plumes of smoke; really nice mouth feel, like I said, milky and creamy on the palate; and just tons of huge flavors. What do you think Hadassah? Even though this cigar has been out for a while now, since 2012, this is a new one for me to try from Drew Estate. I definitely get a lot of that spicy, peppery notes that you get as well. I’m getting a little bit of citrus thrown in there, a little tangy citrus-ness, and
Yep. it’s definitely a full-bodied cigar. It’s definitely coming through with some good full-bodied notes.
The thing about this blend that was interesting too is that it is slightly different from the other cigars in the Undercrown series in the sense that they blended it, I guess they blended it, to have a little more strength and a little more punch. It’s also in a smaller package than the other cigars — so typically a thinner ring gauge is gonna mean a little bit more intensity, you’re getting a little more of the note of the wrapper than you are the filler or binder. But I believe that, allegedly, this cigar more ligero in it than the other Undercrown offerings. So it is definitely intense, definitely big and bold. I think there’s a pronounced cocoa note that comes through as the smoke progresses and kind of lingers the entire smoke. I never get tired of the flavor personally.
Now Shane, let’s talk about the components of this cigar right quick. The wrapper itself is a very dark, very maduro, earthy Mexican San Andreas wrapper.
The filler is a mixture of Connecticut River Valley stalk cut and sun grown Haban, and the binder is a Brazilian Mata Fina and a Nicaraguan Habano. So there’s kind of a lot going on there. All these are kind of big and powerful flavors, with definitely an emphasis on spice, but a little bit of residual sweetness. The sort of sweetness that I get it is a little muted. It’s not overt or cloying. It’s just a little bit there to give you some balance, it’s still very much a spice powerhouse. Big pepper notes and as the cigar burns down a bit more, especially toward, like, the halfway mark I start to get like some mesquite barbecue type of flavors, definitely some charred wood, into like earthy, woodiness.
Very earthy tones, I’m picking up on those as well. And this is just the kind of cigar that I think a lot of guys who value, you know, strength, full body, and a lot of flavor are going to really take to. I think even, for the pipe guys out there, if you’re really into like a medium to full English blend, or a Virginia-Perique that’s maybe a little heavy on the Perique. Or like heavily stoved; heavily fermented; big, huge, kind of sweet and spicy flavors then this is definitely gonna be something that’ll appeal to you.
Definitely. This is personally something that I can smoke all day. I tend to start my days out with something a little stronger anyway.
Right. I tend to move towards more mild tobaccos, both pipes and cigars, as the day progresses for whatever reason. I just like to wake up with like a powerhouse smoke.
And see I’m the complete opposite when it comes to that. I start my day off more mild, this would be for me more of an afternoon cigar for sure. Yeah.
Maybe after work cigar, I’m relaxing. With it being as full bodied as it is, this is definitely something you want to kind of sit and really enjoy all the flavors that you’re going to get from it.
You know, because it’s also so flavorful, and so full, and these big intense flavors, I feel that this also stands up really well to being paired with a stout beer, or like even more like palette wrecker type of IPAs. And personally my favorite is like a bourbon, a really nice strong type bourbon. Because you have these sort of like smoky and sweet qualities balancing each other out and the oaky charred wood kind of flavors in the whiskey really really match well with the earthiness and the woodiness in this cigar. I just think it’s a versatile stick and it’s one that I reach for all time. Getting into this a
For sure. little bit more, I think that that pepper note really starts to build into almost like a heat. There’s a little bit of heat almost that reminds me of like a roasted red pepper salsa. Like I really get these woody, roasted sort of toasty flavors, and there’s also just that pepper heat, and I really dig it. There’s still a little bit of sweetness, kinda on the back of your pallet on the finish. And I think when you retrohale this cigar too a lot of that pepper comes out, a lot of that heat.
For Sure. One thing I do notice Shane is the lovely ash on these Undercrowns. No canoeing, lovely firm ash. I mean I love to see as far as these ashes can go on these cigars. That’s definitely a
Oh yeah. note of a great cigar to me.
I think. it’s a testament of the ligero that they use in this blend as well: a nice, firm, strong ash. I mean overall it’s just a solid smoke you really can’t go wrong. If you haven’t tried it, I think especially as a pipe guy who likes big bold flavors, do yourself a favor and then get one of these and see how you like it. I’m think I’m just going to sit back and enjoy myself at this point. Thank you guys, we’ll see you next time. Thanks guys.