Cigar Talk – La Aroma de Cuba – Low Country Pipe & Cigar

Hadassah H.: Hi everyone, I’m Hadassah Hallman. Vallin Williams: And my name is Vallin Williams. Hadassah H.: Welcome to another edition of
Cigar Talk. So today on Cigar Talk, we’re reviewing La
Aroma de Cuba. I’m smoking the robusto size, along with Val
here. The components of this cigar are the binder
are filler are Nicaraguan, and then the wrapper is Connecticut broadleaf, which loans it a
little bit of spice and earthiness. Val, what are you getting so far off this
cigar? Vallin Williams: That’s about what I’m
getting a little earthy, earth tone to it. Little bit of spice. And it’s pretty fairly mild, and everything,
it’s not over powering. Hadassah H.: Correct. This cigar is more of a medium to full bodied
cigar. It does have a little bit of earthiness to
it, that leather. But it’s not too over powering. Not a lot of black pepper there. But almost like a sweet earthy undertone to
it. So, Val and I are going to kind of smoke these
down a little bit, and then we’ll check in with you folks and let you know what we get. Hadassah H.: Alright, so we’re about towards
the mid-section of this cigar so far. Val, let’s go ahead and see what are you getting
from it? Vallin Williams: Getting a little bit of taste
like chocolaty flavoring as well. Hadassah H.: Those cocoa notes starting to
kick in. Vallin Williams: Yeah. Hadassah H.: Alright. Vallin Williams: I really like that. Hadassah H.: It is. It’s very, very mild. You’re still getting that oak, and cedar kind
of leatheriness there. Vallin Williams: Yes. But still not too over powering on it. I will say this cigar is good with a cup of
coffee in the morning. If you like your creamer and sugar like I
do, it’s good for that. Or, Val, I know you like to drink yours- Vallin Williams: Oh, yeah. Hadassah H.: … a little more on the black
side. So,- Vallin Williams: Got my coffee right here. Hadassah H.: … either, or, it’s not too
heady that it’s a bad morning smoke. I like it this time of day. We’ll try to smoke a little bit more. Get it down towards the end here and let you
know what we’re getting. Hadassah H.: Alright, Val, so we’ve gotten
to the end of this cigar here. That sweet cocoa-ness is kind of faded out
of the cigar, that we got towards the mid-point. That oak, and that cedar-ness is definitely
come through. It’s been very consistent throughout the cigar. What do you think of this smoke? Vallin Williams: I have to say, this is a
very well constructed cigar right here. Hadassah H.: I would say so. Wrapper’s beautiful, nice chocolate, beautiful
oily wrapper, which you like to see in a good cigar. Now I will tell you folks, on April the 18th
from 4:00-7:00, we’ll have the infamous Tim Vanderpool here in store. We’ll be having a La Aroma de Cuba event. You can try the Mi Amors, try the Robustos
Val and I are smoking. We’ll have some drinks and beverages out for
you guys. Some finger foods. Hadassah H.: Definitely come by. Val’s going to be here. I’ll be here as well. And we look forward to seeing you guys. Val, I’m going to let you finish your coffee,
and finish this smoke with me. Vallin Williams: Alright. Hadassah H.: You folks have a good afternoon. Thanks.