Cigar Talk – San Cristobal Elegancia –

Hadassah H.: Hi everyone. I’m Hadassah Hallman. Tim Vanderpool: And I’m Tim Vanderpool with
Ashton Cigars. Hadassah H.: And we are here smoking San Cristobal’s
Elegancias today. So, as of many of you guys know, Tim is our
local Ashton rep here in the area which gives us these lovely San Cristobal Cigars here. We’ve already started smoking a good portion
of it down there. Tell us a little bit more about the San Cristobal
Elegancia, Tim. Tim Vanderpool: So the San Cristobal is the
perfect transition cigar for somebody that wants to get into Nicaraguan products and
they’re used to smoking a milder cigar. This was the second release in the San Cristobal
line. It’s done for us by Don Pepin Garcia. It’s got a long filler, Nicaraguan filler
and binder and the outside wrapper has got a beautifully golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut
wrapper. Both the filler and wrapper have been aged
for three years. So it gives it … The age on it gives it
a tremendous flavor and balance and it’s a very complex cigar going from the head to
the foot of the cigar. Beautiful taste and flavor to it. Hadassah H.: Indeed. I get a lot of those like sweet cedar notes
from this cigar. I will tell you, Tim, this is probably my
favorite San Cristobal out the line. For a lighter cigar, I’m normally a little
bit more medium bodied, this one is starting, when you get to that middle point, it is hitting,
kind of, those medium bodied notes that I like. I pick up on the complexities of it. That three-year age on that tobacco definitely
gives it a little smooth finish there. I’d definitely like to smoke it down some
more. We’ll let you folks know what we get towards
the end of this cigar. Tim and I are gonna enjoy it for a little
bit and we’ll check back in with you. Hadassah H.: All right, folks, so we’re getting
towards about the middle, kind of, end of this cigar here. Tim definitely pick up a good bit of those
pepper notes but it’s more kind of light, whiter pepper. Just real, real faint. Adds a note of spiciness to the creaminess
of the Connecticut wrapper. Like I said, this is definitely one of my,
at least, probably top favorite Connecticut cigars. Tim Vanderpool: Yeah, and you were right. We got to the great transition point where
you’ve taken off one band and I’ve gotten to the second band. That gets you to the point, in this cigar,
where you notice a great transition in the complexity of the cigar. You’re spot on with the white peppery notes
of this cigar compared to some other of the Nicaraguan products that Pepin does that have
a lot of the black pepper up front. Also, something reminiscent of your youth,
if you’ve ever had anyone that’s got like toasted walnuts in the oven or anything like
that around the holidays, you’ll pick up a lot of those notes with this cigar when you
transition from the middle to the end of this smoke. It’s a great taste. Hadassah H.: Okay, it gets a little bit nuttier
mixed in with that pepper there. Tim Vanderpool: Very much so. Hadassah H.: Nice. Cool, so we know what to look forward towards
we get to … once we get towards the end there. I will tell you guys August the 15th, we’re
gonna have Tim here in Low Country from four to seven. We’re gonna be having a San Cristobal event. Tim, tell us a little bit about this event
and what you’re bringing to the table here. Tim Vanderpool: Yeah, this is gonna be probably
one of the bigger events we’ve done here at Low Country. We just got back from our trade show and we
brought in lots of new sizes and … to feature in the inventory. We’re gonna have some great specials on all
the San Cristobal products, tremendous box deals. Things like that. Something that’s gonna be a good addition
to the Low Country Cigar family here. Ashton’s got some new shirts that we’re unveiling
for this event so if you buy a box, you’re gonna get one of our new shirts. It’s gonna be a great evening of cigars and
friends. Hadassah H.: Definitely. We always have a good time here. Folks, if you’re able to make it, definitely
mark it down on your calendars. Come hang out. Tim Vanderpool: Next Wednesday, from four
to seven. Hadassah H.: That’s right. Come hang out with me and Tim. Come get you some of this new, cool schwag
that Tim’s got over here. He’s dying to give it away. Hang out with our folks. We have a good group of guys that come in
here, love cigars, and like to just fellowship and just have a good time. Thanks, folks. Definitely try the Elegancia out. Let us know what you think. Try the other San Cristobal lines too, the
Quintessence- Tim Vanderpool: The Elegancia, the Revelation,
and the regular San Cristobal. So we’ve got sometime mild, medium and full-bodied. Something for every smoker’s palate. Hadassah H.: Exactly. So, if light’s not your speed, definitely
pick up one of the other six and let us know what you think. Tim, thank you for being here. Tim Vanderpool: My pleasure. Thanks for having me. Hadassah H.: Look forward to doing this event
with you. Be a good time. We’ll see you then, folks. Thanks. Tim Vanderpool: Bye.