Cómo fumar un puro

What´s up friends? It´s me Ricardo Dominguez And We are on Estilocracia In this program You´ll learn that style is not something you´re born with but something you acquire through the time and the path Today, we are going to talk you about cigar and the basic rules to smoke it properly and agreeably. Never trust on brands. It´s way better to smoke differents brands til your palate chooses the better one for your liking and pleasure. Once unwrapped the cigar feel the sturdiness and smoothness and don´t you worry if you find any stain on the layer these are external fungus stains that won´t appear on the inside. The most importan rule for smoking a cigar properly is the cutting. Which has to be brief and short so the tunnel effect doesn´t appear and it doesn´t burn uneven. And it can not be so wide cause then nicotine gets concentrated and does not let you smoke right. Check out that the knob (the higher covering part) does not break off or the cigar can´t be smoked. The moment between the fire and the first puff Is what really reveals both the art and elegance of a stylish man. To light it up, put it close to the flame horizontally while rotating it so it takes fire heat and a reddish tone. It has to be rotated several times to get a complete and uniform ember. You take it and blow a little to the ember and you rotate it into the flame once again to ensure that´s well lighted. Once it´s done, take the first puff and once you´re sure its uniformly fired take 2 or 3 puffs more so you confirm that the ember is burning evenly the cigar´s body. Once on the fourth puff you can start enjoying the smell and taste nuances of tobacco Put in on your mouth but don´t cover it on saliva or put your tongue around it. Don´t you worry about the hit which is not that hard. It´s even harder on a strong cigarette When we are on the halfway the fragances and tastes manifest so in each puff… You may appreaciate that both of the nuances stick into the palate. Enjoy this pleasure along with a liquor as Whiskey. And it´s a real life pleasure when surrounded with friends. That´s all for today ladies and glentlemen I´ll see you the next one.