Coronation Street RANA And KATE Baby! Obsessed KATE Demands ROBERT PRESTON To Get Her Pregnant!

Kate Conner asks Robert Preston to Father her Lesbian baby with Rana Habeeb as Michelle Conner refuses to carry his child. When Rana Habeeb made her return to the Cobbles and Girlfriend Kate Connor’s loving arms the rekindled couple had no idea that there future desires could end up tearing them apart once again. A joy filled reunion and accepted Marriage proposal later and broody Kate Conner has her heart set on a Kana baby leaving unsuspecting Rana stunned. When things begin to quickly take shape Kate and a reluctant Rana agreed to use a sperm donor for a insemination implant. Excited by the prospect of being a Grandfather again Dad Johnny Conner agrees to dip into his life savings in order to make Kate’s baby dream a reality. The decision is made that Kate will carry the Duo’s Baby but just as things get serious Rana cracks and confesses that she is uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger Fathering her Baby and impregnating her Partner. As the week progresses Kate begins to feel down at Rana not being as happy as she is and suggests that maybe they should try Adopting a Child instead. Being confronted at work in the Medical Center with her private life leaves Rana on the defensive and she orders Kate to leave. As Kate drowns her sorrows the heartbroken Waitress is left fearing her future happy family has been destroyed forever. As Boss Robert Preston opens up about his own Baby woes and sorrow at being unable to convince his Partner Michelle Conner to have a Child with him Kate drops a bombshell and suggests he should Father her Baby instead. As Robert tells Kate he thinks her idea is crazy Actress Faye Brooks revealed Kate’s passion saying: “kate is really determined. If it can’t be a stranger she thinks well, let’s search elsewhere. Maybe it doesn’t have to be far from home. Robert lets his guard down with Kate and he confides in her that he’s always wanted to be a Dad. That’s when the penny drops for Kate and she thinks Robert could be the answer to everything. So with some Dutch courage, she asks Robert to Father her and Rana’s Child. I don’t think Rana’s reaction to this is going to be good, but Kate doesn’t want to tell Rana anything. She wants to figure it all out until it’s a perfect plan. Everything is going to be sorted out, a contract drawn up, Robert signing that contract. Knowing that everyone is going to be happy. Kate wants this perfect plan and then she’ll be happy but who knows if that’s going to happen? Explaining how Kate will stop at nothing to get what she wants Faye continued: “Kate will go the whole way with no turning back. I think throughout this whole process she is seeing something that is going to make her happy and I don’t think she realizes that Rana is what will make her happy. She becomes blinded by this Baby idea and that is everything to her. Kate will stop at no costs. Will Kate and Rana get their dream baby? Will Rana pull out of there arrangement? Will Robert change his mind and Father their child. Will his relationship with Michelle survive? Will Kate’s obsession drive her and Rana apart? Thanks for watching SoapBuster YouTube’s daily soap news and spoilers show. Subscribe below for the next episode.