COVID-19 transmitted via aerosol “in certain conditions”

earlier this month China admitted that
aerosol transmission of Kobe 19 is possible does that mean the virus
spreads through the year to shed light on what you need to know and to be
prepared against here’s our youngin our results are tiny particles suspended in
the air they can be either solid or liquid and a generator when people call
for sneeze they’re typically larger than 0.5 micrometers but much smaller than
droplets On February 19th China’s National Health Commission emitted the
Denova corona virus can be transmitted through Arizona it is a major shift from
his previous stance the virus is contracted through droplets and close
contact so here comes the most fundamental question or aresult smore
dangerous than droplets yes aerosol can transmit the disease more
easily because they’re lighter and smaller than droplets so are capable of
staying in the air for longer then can we get infected just by breathing next
to a patient the answer is No experts say the Arizona infection is
different from airborne infection in which the virus floats in the air like
tuberculosis they say Arizona infection rather only happens in certain
conditions it is prone to occur in hospital during medical procedures like
inserting a tube into the respiratory system which causes a burst of mass air
zoals that’s why the medical staff there were personal protective equipment so
the possibility of Arizona infection in our everyday lives is extremely low but
it could still happen when a patient sneezes really hard or when you’re
exposed to high concentration of aerosol in an enclosed environment for a long
period of time then in those situations can we still prevent aerosol infection
experts say wearing a mask and effectively prevent Arizona infection as
well as sparking droplet infection any mask you work to prevent corona virus is
capable blocking aerosols the corona virus may spread more easily than
previously believed where experts say droplet infection is still the main road
of transmission jung-in arirang news