Crafted by JR Oliva Cigar Review: No One Knows Tobacco Like Oliva

Hey guys! Nick Libretti here from JRCIGARS.COM. Today I’m enjoying the brand-new crafted by JR Oliva. Now, some of you might know, because I reviewed another entry in the series before, we have a new exclusive line here called crafted by JR, where we got a bunch of different manufacturers to make special blends specifically for us. The first one I reviewed was the delicious, Casa Fernandez, and now we have legendary Nicaraguan manufacturer Oliva. This churchill size, first of all, as you can tell, the burn is perfect. I can usually tell a good burn right when you first light it up because there is no crookedness to it at all. The draw is really nice. Uses a vintage blend. Its got a, the Sun grown wrapper on it is flawless. No blemishes. Silky-smooth, oily. Its got great notes of leather, cinnamon, a little cocoa to it. So it’s got a nice balanced spice, but a little richness as well. Super smooth, nice silky smoke coming out the end, and a great price. Now, don’t forget these are only available at JRCIGARS.COM and they’re a special limited release. So make sure you go to our website right now and pick up your Crafted by JR Oliva.