Crispy Grilled Wings On Weber | Smoked Wing Recipe | Barbecue Hot Wings

hello there I’m chef Johnny and this is
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine appreciate you stopping by today got
some new products I’m gonna show you we’re gonna be making up some fantastic
crispy chicken wings on the Weber Kettle and we’re going to be using some Ham
Grenade from and also they sent me some of their fubar
elite barbecue sauce now I have not tried this sauce before but I took a
little sample of it while ago this is the one that has the flamethrower
habanero wash in it and it’s got a little kick to it not overpowering but
it’s got the spice so we’re going to make some nice spicy wings with these so
get right back over here and let’s see how we make them up got a nice bowl of
chicken wings here first thing we’re gonna do is is we’re gonna inject these
wings I got some fantastic butter and jalapeno injection from Tony Charchere’s
so let me show you how we get these injected this you know not a real hard
process and I’m just not gonna pack them for but I’m going to take my injection
and this one has a hole on both sides some of them will have a hole in the end
this one has it on both sides I’m just gonna put it in there and I’m going to
shoot just a little bit up inside there of that wing give it a little moisture
give it a little bit of richness from that butter and of course just a little
bit of heat from the jalapeno so let me get these flats inject it up and then
we’ll get right back with you I’m gonna take my Ham Grenade and I
tell I’ve been trying this on everything we up we got a bottle at the San Antonio
cook-off Stock Show cook-off this year and it was just so good we enjoyed it so
much I got to talking with Dennis Butterworth
the owner of this and they they sent us out some more along with some of their
sauces to demo and try out and I tell you what I’m just really happy we’ve
we’ve cooked up some of ribs and I’ve done pork belly with this and I’ve done
a bunch of ribs we got two first-place finishes with ribs using Ham Grenade
that’s a couple of cook offs but it’s really good tried it on some pork chops we love that so tonight I thought we’d see how it go with wings using their hot
sauce so got a nice even coating on here and I tell you what when I cook my
chicken my ribs I do not like a real course seasonings I like it a little bit
finer I think it’s a little prettier presentation and this one is not real
big and real course I do like that about it it gives you a nice even very very
pretty coat on top of these but these are gonna be ready to go got my Weber Kettle
it’s cranked up to about 350 375 degrees last time I checked so it’s pretty warm
they’re gonna get on there they’re gonna cook pretty fast and we’re gonna try to
crisp up this skin the best we can that’s why I have that temperature up hot
in this pit let’s get another coating on here and again that just it makes a beautiful
beautiful smooth coating I just and it’s got a great little sweetness to it some
things are more great with the sweetness of this and the sweet and the heat from
the habanero wash this Fubar flame thrower we’re gonna put on it right at the very
end so let me get these on the pit I’ll show you how we do that and we’ll get
these cooked up Weber is good and hot get the lid off we’re gonna get these
wings on there oh you can hear the sizzle you know this
is Goodin hot and we will rotate these since I have my
slow n sear in here this is going to be the hottest part here but we’re gonna
put them on this one we’ll move these back in a minute and the other ones
forward there we go
lids back on and remember heat’s here exhaust is here heat and smokes got a
flow across our chicken that’s gonna baste it fantastic with that sweet
mesquite smoked while it’s cooking yeah we’re going about 30 minutes and we’ll
check the temps on these gonna take them up to 165 degrees it’s been about half hour we’re gonna pull these off I want to check the temperatures real quick and see how hot these are check the one in the middle about 151 the one up in the front edge 167 so they’re just about where we want
we’re going to turn these and I’m gonna rotate them a little bit that’ll cook on
that other side and get these ready to come off these are flipped get the lid back on take them
up to that close to 165 so we’ll pull them off this off and sauce them get these off
they’re sitting at that 165 degree mark they’ve got some beautiful color on them
we’re going to get these off real quick now we’re going to sauce them up with
some of that habanero wash the Fubar from war pig BBQ and we’re gonna see if today we can get us in my spicy hot wings for got out wings in a bowl I’m gonna
take some of my Fubar and that’s for use on butts and ribs I am liking this
but not too thick I’d say medium on the thickness but we’re gonna coat these
ribs with them real good and get these back on that pit set this sauce and
these are going to be some nice spicy wings I promise you well this bowls big
might be oh yeah I can flip them with this that’s got a pretty color to it wings
are gonna go back on woooo you tell that was hot got some of that sauce up close to that slow and sear kind of fell off in where
the water would be I did not put any water in it tonight put these on here
real quick then again maybe ten minutes just long enough for this sauce to set
they are there 165 degrees so they are cooked all the way through there we go
get’em covered back up about 10 minutes we’ll get them off give them a try these wings look like they are done sauce is set we’re gonna get them off get them on
our tray let them cool off just a little bit and then we are gonna give them a
try I’ll tell you what these wings are off
they’re looking beautiful skins cooked nice through we had that weber kettle
cranked up and it was putting out some good heat I tried my new thermometer
gave it a try I don’t have to saw that in the video or not but this it’s aVAD
IV worked really good check that out down in my Amazon store a few arrests a
new thermometer but I tell you what I like it under 30 bucks not a bad deal
two temperatures but these wings came out good I’m just hoping that they are
cool enough to try now that was still pretty hot but we’re gonna take it to
try I like this mesquite smoke. Ham Grenade the Fubar
jalapeno wash got just enough heat got some moisture inside that bird where we
injected it with the butter and jalapeno so it’s good but we need some more
opinion so I’m gonna bring John and Luke in here they’ve been helping me film all
night they’re ready to try some wings so let’s see what they think about them
come on guys what do ya think guys thats really good ain’t it not too hot
just another eat stuff make it interesting need one of those spear
beards and wings sticky wings I books a great number dates the right Luke white
thing buddy I tell you what there you go the
youngins say they are good I called this hill called kids either both men these
days appreciate them helping me record tonight get this done get everything
cooked they’re ready to eat the wings so we’re gonna say goodbye to y’all but I
hope you’ll give up war pig BBQ go over to their website I’ll put a link down
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