Crowned Heads Le Careme Robusto Cigar Review

The Crowned Heads Le Careme in Robusto Hi, I’m Bryan Glynn with Cigar Obsession .com Tonight we’re taking a look at this 5 by 50 box press stick. Coming in with a very dark chocolate almost black wrapper. Has a firm pack, a slightly toothy oily feel to it. It’s a soft box press not real sharp lines on the corners Has minimal veins tight invisible seams. A large tripple cap A quite potent, and distinctive cocoa and honey aroma very nice combo. pretty rare actually to smell any kind of honey aroma that’s not in a artificially flavored cigar. alright let’s go and get it cut up start toasting. And no this is not artificially flavored. Right away a very nice draw, thick smoke output medium to full body very smooth. Thick creamy texture not flavor but a creamy texture. Slight sweetness There’s a graham cracker in there And a light milk chocolate coming in through the finish. Very dessert like quite unique. Extremely smooth Very slick finish washing over my tongue Alright good start let it heat up get into the first third, and see how it develops. Oh and congratulations to Miguel Schoedel who was just named their sales manager. So I look forward to having him back on the show maybe later this year after hes had some time in the seat in his new capacity. Ten minutes in quite impressive so far still medium to full body lots of flavors coming off of it, perfect burn Not especially fast pretty normal bout an inch down or so, flavors are quite complex They’ve built up they’re the same on the draw and the finish it’s a very nice long finish And they’ve built up to a strong equal combo of leather, cocoa, cream flavor now and a bit of pepper with just a touch of a metallic zing Still going strong on the finish it’s just a nice very robust flavor package. Still smooth though has that little bit of a pepper bite and tingle. But the smoke itself on the thick side not quite what I would call chewy but a lot of texture to it. Quiet impressive off such a diminutive little stick Ill continue on through and we’ll see what happens in the second third. thirty minutes in just passing the halfway point here, and about to hit the band. I’m going to tap this before I attempt to take the band off. Perfect construction obviously Still pouring off the smoke still a perfect draw Still medium to full body Flavors have changed very slightly Pretty much the only difference is its dropped the leather And its got a little bit smoother with that little bit of a metallic tingle or pepper note diminishing it’s still here slightly just now kicking in through the finish, but the core flavors Are now a dry cocoa a heavy earth, but it’s not super strong and that nice cream which is starting to fade, but its still there in the background. We’ll finish it out see what happens in the last third, and what kind of time we get. fifty minutes in just over an inch left it’s going very hot here on the draw so this is where I’ll end it No flavor changes in the last third just cruising on down Ash came off in a little tiny flick here as I put it in the ash tray a few minutes ago and that’s it so Overall nice transitions full flavor no strength right up my alley there. This has been the Crowned Heads Le Careme in Robusto I’m Bryan Glynn of Cigar if you liked this video Id appreciate a thumbs up If you hated it give me a thumbs down. Subscribe to see more, and tell your buddies if you really loved it. See ya